High schools split games on football field

6 Comments 19 December 2010

By Bahaa Abazeed
Unis Middle School

There are six high schools in Dearborn, with Fordson and Dearborn high schools being the most publicized. Both schools are well known because of their athletic abilities.

Football is the favorite high school sport in Dearborn, and these high schools are great at it. It seems that most of the city comes to cheer when these rivals play their annual game.

This is the game of the season that the city looks forward to.

Fordson High School students support the team by cheering and wearing the “BEAT DEARBORN” shirts that the school sells. The coaches help the team by leading practices and watching games films with them so the players can see their mistakes and improve.

At Dearborn High, students also encourage the football team and go to many of the games, even when they are away. The coaches also practice with them on the field to get ready.

At 6 p.m. Sept. 17, 2010, at a home game for the Fordson Tractors, the gates were crowded with people coming to support their school. Screaming fans were on the bleachers cheering and ready for the game to start.

At 7 p.m., everyone stood for the National Anthem. Then, the kickoff.

The Pioneers had an advantage that night because of Ryan Hansen’s three touchdowns. Which helped push the score to 30-0. Tractor fans were really disappointed, and so were the coaches, but the team never gave up.

The Tractors did not want to be shut out. This was when everything got really serious. They had to show what they don’t give up and make excuses after the game. There were quite a few injuries in the second half. Fordson scored two touchdowns, avoiding a shutout, but it was not was not enough to win.

The Pioneers won, 30-12, leaving the Tractor fans disappointed. Their team and coaches left the field with their heads down. Pioneer fans and the team celebrated. They had practiced hard and played with their best ability.

“I felt really good because it was a big win for the Pioneers,” said Unis student Abdallah Alhamawi, who hopes to one day be a Pioneer.

After another month of football, the Tractors and the Pioneers were to meet again in the playoffs. Both teams worked really hard to make it there.

On Oct. 29, 2010, people were talking and writing on the web about the game. One website let people vote for their favorite team.

This time, the game was at the Pioneers’ field, which was jam-packed with fans. Fordson fans and the team were confident this time. The tractors worked really hard all week getting ready for the big game, not wanting to lose again.

The Fordson Tractors started with the ball and scored on their fourth play of the game. Then the Pioneers caught back up to 7-7. The halftime score was close, 20-19, with the Pioneers trying to hold that lead and win the rematch.

However, in the second half the Tractors stopped the Pioneers on downs and scored, going ahead, 25-20.

The DHS Pioneers lost the ball, then got it back and scored, taking back the lead at 26-25.

Each team scored again, but the Tractors won the rematch, avenging their loss in September, 37-32, and able to go into the off-season with the latest win in this rivalry.

Abdallah said, “I don’t think Dearborn tried to beat Fordson, because they gave up.”

Although both teams worked really hard to get to the playoffs, only one team could go on, and that was the Tractors.

Fordson’s Tractors lost to Detroit’s Cass Tech on Nov. 6, 2010. Even that they were not lucky that day, they had quite a season.

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  1. I really wish I was there. It would have been intense!

  2. The story sounded intense it was like I was there!!!!!!

  3. Nabila Alhashedi 1st says:

    The story feels like I am watching it on tv nice JOB!!!

  4. Houssein Ajrouche 7th 1rst hour says:

    great story my cousin was one of the injured players i didnt know that Rayan scored three touches but now i know

  5. Amal Kady 1st hour mrs.Kincaid says:

    WOW!!!! THis is a great story when i read this i felt like i was there. I fealt like i was the one cheering between the crowd but it was’nt me. Before i think to read something i first look what is it about and i was about football/sports and i love sports/football. Then when i know what it is about i only read the first parphah but when i read this passege i only read the first sentece then i really wanted to finish reading and it was really interisting.

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