Egypt protests echo in our middle school

2 Comments 05 March 2011

By Hussein Harb, Ali Alkharashani and Kutaiba Alrafaai
Unis Middle School

“Stop this now!” “Just step down!” “Game over!” “Get out!”

These were just some of the words the people of Egypt were saying. The reason for these statements was that many in Egypt want their own government. However, the president, Hosmi Mubarak, refused to step down.

At one time, almost all the technology in Egypt was shut down. Each day, there were more and more people coming to protest the president. Almost 200,000 rallied in Cairo.

Mr. Abdulla, a Unis Middle School teacher said, ”I would participate in the protest in Egypt if I was there.”

Also, many protesters were arrested for calling that Mubarak leave the government. Many Egyptian protesters were getting severely harmed.

Husam, a Unis Middle School student, said, “If I was in the place of President Mubarak, I would serve regular time. ”Really unfair because President Mubarak I would step down But, President Mubarak served almost three decades. This is probably one of the most dangerous protests that have ever happened. All will not stop! They are doing anything they can, one of the things they did was make a human chain. As you can see there is hope all around.

“Breaking news, a new report” that is what you hear nowadays because of Egypt. All the people in Egypt that are protesting are doing everything in their power to get Mubarak to step down. They all have hope in this protest. This protest is about hope. The government can try to stop the people but it can’t stop hope. As the days went by, the people were getting closer to freedom.

There has also been a protest at Dearborn’s City Hall to support the people of Egypt, Libya, and Yemen.

There have been 400 demonstrators in these protests. It may be hard to believe that Dearborn did this, but it happened at our own City Hall. People protested in the freezing snow just to show support to the protesters all over the Middle East.

The protesters want to show that there is no need for the government to use violence in the Middle East. The violence is affecting lots of Dearborn people’s families because they have relatives in some of the protesting countries.

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  1. Marcia says:

    How wonderful to see local support for our counterparts on the other side of the world.

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