Have a heart, be a friend: Stop the bullying

9 Comments 10 March 2011

By Mirvat Chammout
Unis Middle School

Bullying is a big problem in school. No one wants to be picked on every day, but it happens anyway. It affects the victims so much that kids are too scared to go to school. It makes some kids want to drop out. Did you know that there is more than one type of bullying? There is physical, verbal, and cyber bullying which is the most common. Facebook is a very big website where a lot of bullying happens.

Bullies also text their victims. When kids get bullied, they feel left out, depressed, scared, sad and mad. Some victims commit suicide. There are about 4,400 deaths a year due to bullying. Lots of kids would like to prevent bullying, but they don’t know what to do or they are afraid to stand up for themselves. Kids should conquer their fears and stand up for themselves. They should not fight back but they can tell an adult. Even though it’s hard to talk to adults, sometimes they can still help! If not an adult, talk to your friends or parents.

Bullying happens to everyone, even me. I get bullied all the time. I’m not popular, cool or dazzling but I have a heart. I know not to respond to them. If they hurt my feelings, I still should not hurt theirs because I would be a bully, also. When someone walks up to me and says something that hurts my feelings, before I respond I think of the saying “Treat people the way you want to be treated.” Most of my friends joined a popular group and bully me all the time.

Photo by Mirvat Chammout

Mariam Charara was my best friend in first grade. But then one day she started to change. I noticed that she was talking to different friends and trying to blend in. After a while, she started to get popular and people stuck to her. I felt left out and heartbroken. Ever since we had gotten into middle school she had been acting differently. Then one day, I saw that I had been replaced by another girl and went home crying that day. Now, I am too afraid to say hi or do anything that deals with Mariam. If I ever see her now, she would be surrounded by friends and not me. It really hurts, even after six years.

“I wanted new friends and to meet new people,” said Mariam Charara. “I had some moments but I didn’t want to take out my anger on people even though it happened. Maybe someday we could continue to be friends.” But will she keep her promise? I hope so but, only time will tell.

Mram Aboluhoom, a girl in McCollough Unis also had been bullied. She explained that she had been bullied since first grade. “I don’t go to the counselor very often because the bullies never stop,” said Mram. “The bullies never apologize, even though the counselor tells them to stop.” My heart broke into pieces after I finished this interview. I never knew she had the same experiences as me.

Even though kids get bullied, bullies also get their feelings hurt. They try to be a friend, but they don’t know how, so they express their feelings by being mean. They don’t know what a friend is. A friend has to be kind, stand by your side, but most of all, they have to be there when someone needs them. That is the meaning of true friendship!

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  1. Fatmeh Cheaib says:

    Mirvat, this story touched my heart and made me realize how much bullying hurts. Keep up the good work!

  2. Mirvat says:

    Thank you for commenting everyone!

  3. mariam alata says:

    Wow it was touching, I never knew that you were bullied to mirvat, thank you for these, golden words!

  4. April Kincaid says:

    Please do a follow-up story with the students to see if they feel the bullying situation at Mc-Unis has improved. I know your story made many people open their eyes to the pain they caused others.

  5. mustaphaj4th says:

    A lot of people were bullied hopefully some bullies will see this and think twice

  6. Mom says:

    Keep your head held HIGH and reach for the stars!! Your a kind, loving, caring, sensitive, smart, beautiful person!!!! DON’T ever let anyone say differently : ) LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER~

  7. Nada Alhamdi says:

    I agree with Alata. This is very good. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Keep it up Mirvat!! :)


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