Unis shows its spirit in Jersey Day slideshow

25 Comments 24 March 2011

litecoin mining calculator profit By Jana Elhusseini and Niveen Dabaja
Unis Middle School

Unis Middle School’s Spirit Week is a very entertaining week.

Spirit week is March 14-18. One of the days is Jersey Day. Jersey Day is when middle school students put on jerseys from their favorite teams or players.

Niveen Dabaja wore a jersey from the Pistons because that’s her favorite team and her favorite player is Tayshaun Prince.

Jana Elhusseini’s favorite team is the Miami Heat and her favorite play is LeBron James. That isn’t what she wore, but she put on the Pistons jersey to show her spirit by wearing a jersey. Remember, Spirit Week is about showing your spirit.

See how Unis dressed for U.S.A. Day.

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  1. Billal Asoufy says:

    Wow u guys did a fantastic job on this!!! :) You guys get 5 stars ;) *****

  2. Zahraa Elhourani says:

    Love the pix, everyone is showing off their school spirit :)

  3. Ayah Habhab says:

    Nicee :)

  4. Mohamad Alghanimi says:

    Wow that was an awesome video.

  5. Noor Jomaa 1st hour says:

    i love this!

  6. Ahmed Fakhreddine says:

    Jersey day — that was so fun.

  7. Mustafa Chahrour says:


  8. Hadi Jomaa says:

    Nice Jerseys.

  9. Fatmeh Cheaib says:

    great job! i love all the LeBron James jerseys :) keep up the good work

  10. Mohamad C / 4th Kincaid says:

    Nice pics, whoever took them, and great article. Spirit Week is awsome. So awsome I can’t even spell awsome right.

  11. wow that shows great effection seeing all the young students taking action in a school actions. which is really great.

  12. zahraa saleh says:

    I love “jersy day”! It was soooooo fun to see peoples opinions about sport teams!!! HOPE IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN=)

  13. greatjob! nice pictures. Everybody looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!! I like all the jerseys everybody is wearing !

  14. Ahmed Daher says:

    Jersey day rocks!!

  15. Houssein Ajrouche 7th 1rst hour says:

    Nice pics! i think spirit week is amazing and everyone had nice pics.

  16. aterra coles 6th hour says:

    i like that jersey day idea because it makes me think of my family members that play sports or used to play sports, but, yeah, i really like that.Then another reason why I like it is because it’s like the kids can just show the real them and show everybody who they like and what team they like the best.

  17. rangis says:

    nice pics and i luv jersey day. lol

  18. aterra coles says:

    really cool

  19. Wow!! i never thought that even elementry people would show their school spirit!

    this proves that kids loves this SKOOL!!!

  20. Wow!! I really like how kids show their school spirit!! Good Job!

  21. Nour Nueibeh 1st says:

    Wow! I do think people are participating more and throughout watching other people participate. It is making them want to participate too, keep goig and good job! :)

  22. Duaa Almataray says:

    Dear ammar, this is from duaa i love your picture and i love you by duaa and my mom and deaa and alaa. i love you rock on ammar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Nadine says:

    We should’ve done Jersey Day this year too!

  24. Mrs. McBain says:

    Great Job girls…come visit the elementary sometime…we show our spirit, too.


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