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Arab-American History Alive: Osama Siblani

9 Comments 12 April 2011 By Nour Eidy and Marouf Hamade
Unis Middle School

Many people have changed history, but one man Osama Siblani has done one of the major things Arab-Americans have achieved. He is the publisher of the Arab American News. The Arab-American News publishes 35,000 copies every week. They also write about everything and anything including religion, sports, Metro Detroit aspects, success and failure.

Siblani has received awards from many people from student journalists to big-time editors.

Unis Middle School student Maroud Hamade and Osama Siblani, publisher of the Arab American News.

Osama Siblani is very well known and respected by many Arab-American’s. He tells the true Arab-American story and stories that are occurring everyday in the middle-east from riots to wars.

Though Siblani is known and respected and is a very talented writer everyone has a starting point. Siblani started out coming to the U.S to study because of war in the middle-east in 1976 also, Siblani’s brother was here.

Siblani was one of thousands of Arabs coming to the Detroit area seeking to work in the auto industries to improve their lives. The Ford rouge plant was the aspect of this but, later the Arab-Americans brought the rest of their families to the Detroit area and later settled in Dearborn.

“September 11, 2001 was the worst thing that has ever happened to the Muslim people,” Siblani stated. Osama Siblani is an Arab-Amercian himself he is Islam and for him he believed “people thought we were bloodthirsty but, we are civil people.”

“Arab-Americans have been discriminated as terrorists before and after 9/11,” Siblani said.

Meeting Siblani was the best thing that has ever happened to Marouf and Nour we discovered so many interesting facts not only about Siblani and 9/11 but, Unis Middle School. Siblani was one of many people who named Unis Middle School after Donald Unis because of his great work and achievements with Siblani.

Osama Siblani has achieved so much and we have had the honor to meet him and let alone interview him it was another experience brought to us junior high journalist from the Asian American Journalist Association.

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9 Comments so far

  1. Marcia says:

    It is always encouraging and inspiring to meet someone who is successful, but it has even more impact when that person is racially or ethnically similar to you. You feel like you can achieve more because they have succeeded. Thank you for sharing Osama’s story because it isn’t just an Arab American story, it’s an American story.

  2. Zena Khouryzat says:

    Good Job Nour and Marouf! You guys had a great article! I’m sure it was pretty cool meeting Osama!

  3. Fatmeh Cheaib says:

    Amazing job! Couldn’t have asked for anything else. This story gave me hope and pride to be and do what ever I want to do. Living in America there’s a lot of different religions and cultures. Most religions have the same basic rules. So it’s important to get advice from successful people who follow your belief system.

  4. marouf says:

    thanks everyone for the comments :)

  5. marouffffffffffff with the story good man

  6. Mona Hamade says:

    What a great story Marouf and Nour. It is very interesting and very well written. Keep up the good work.

  7. Dee Larry says:

    Sometimes it is SO difficult to know what’s going on in the middle east! Since I have family there I’m always eager to hear the arab news !

  8. Lofti Kakish says:

    Hi Mr Siblani I, liked Your Opinion & your thoughts how you think about the differences between our communities and others. like We are not real involved in the American`s Acts or societies Not much in politics especially when it comes to vote or!! meetings for any reasons we not there so I, agree with you .

  9. Lofti Kakish says:

    I, forgot to let you know that I,do write in Arab news papers Al Akhabarusa News , panarama & in English too ((Daily Bulletin)) News paper in California ….!

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