Newsrooms large and small all seem alike

0 Comments 28 April 2011

By Timmarah Copeland
Unis Middle School

Read this article to find out about Living Textbook co-director Joe Grimm. Hopefully, you’ll discover why Ms. Kincaid’s seventh-grade journalism class loves him so much!

Waiting for Grimm to arrive, I felt nervous to interview him, even though I know him, because to me, he is a really important person. He is a longtime journalist, who shares his knowledge with us. I thought back to what my classmates, Nour Eidy and Jamilla Nasser said before I interviewed him … “He is helpful, he fits in with the class, you shouldn’t be nervous.” As the interview began, I wasn’t nervous anymore. What they said was true!

Grimm is 57 years old, has one dog named Kaleigh, a wife named Debbie, and two sons, Dan, who is 29, and Steve, who is 26.

Grimm used to work with the Detroit Free Press newspaper for about 25½ years. He also teaches journalism. “I went to Oakland University and taught there, then I taught a little at OCC (Oakland Community College), then went back to Oakland University,” he said. He has been teaching college journalism since 1979 and has taught at Michigan State University since 2008. Because he used to work at the Free Press, I wondered how that compared to our classroom. Here’s what he said:

Joe GrimmNewsrooms big and small use their creative thinking, and the newsroom is chatty, just like the classroom.”
– Joe Grimm

The students love working with Joe because he helped us launch the website- “I’m so honored to have an opportunity to have him in the class,” Nour said. He is really important to all of us because he gave us resources that we need, he built the website, and helps us out with our stories!”

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