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10 Comments 25 April 2011 By Bahaa Abazeed
Unis Middle School

April Kincaid, the teacher for the classroom where the Living Textbook was created, keeps everything on track through the week — with and without mentors. The class falls on her shoulders every day since she gave up her own time to expand the class from one day a week to five.
She was raised in the City of Detroit and lives there today. She grew up as an only child, although her father has other children.

Teacher April Kincaid is shown on a school bus with her students.

April Kincaid on school bus with her students

She went to Precious Blood Elementary, which was a Catholic school in Detroit. Then, for middle school, she went to Bethany Lutheran School. April’s family had moved a lot in her high school years. She went to three different schools, but mostly attended Lutheran High West. She had a diverse upbringing.

She graduated from University of Detroit-Mercy with a major in special education (concentrating on emotionally impaired children) & K-5 all subjects. Her minor is social studies. She has been a teacher for almost 15 years, and plans to keep going.

April was married and has a daughter named Paisley. Paisley spent the summer of 2010 in China as a performer, choreographer, and dancer. April also has a dog named Mattie Max.

April started teaching at Oakman Elementary in Dearborn, Mich., as her first career job. She taught 2nd and 5th grades there. She later transferred to McCollough-Unis School, and taught 6th and 7th grade. April teaches a leadership class, social studies and a journalism class.

April is also a cheerleading coach at Unis Middle School and a coach for the Police Athletic League, and also an All-Star Team. She had been a cheerleading coach since 1997. She has won many national championships.

She has been my social studies teacher for two years and now she is my journalism teacher too! Our seventh grade group of journalists is funded by the Asian American Journalists Association. “I’m excited and grateful of the opportunity to be involved with such a groundbreaking project.” said April.

For our 7th grade journalists to continue, she gave up her prep time for us. “Teaching is hard mentally, and the prep period is for the teachers to prepare, regroup and to relax.” Not very often do teachers give up their prep time, so April one of a kind. April is a really hard worker and obviously enjoys teaching. She also volunteers her time after school to help the kids understand the criteria of the subject better.

She says, “I love my job.”

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  1. Mohamad Alghanimi says:

    This is a lot of information and the writing is very good.

  2. Jana Alzerkani says:

    I think Ms. Kincaid is a really good teacher, and should keep working hard to help us get a good education.

  3. Summer Maatouk says:

    Good job, Bahaa. This is an awesome story!

  4. Marcia Santillan says:

    Yes, April, thank you very much for teaching this great class!

    • April kincaid says:

      Really, the pleasure is all mine. Thanks! The class is gearing up for another wonderful year of journalism.

  5. LeAnn Bazzi says:

    This is a great story …Good Job! :)

  6. Bahaa Abazeed says:

    Thanks to all who has commented, I had a great time writing this bio. Ms.Kincaid is a great teacher. Thanks again.

  7. Mrs. Furlow says:

    What a special opportunity for all the journalism students to be part of! Nice bio, Bahaa! Great job, Ms. Kincaid, for all the hard work you put into the class!

  8. Sukayna S. says:

    Mrs. Kincaid is a wonderful teacher. It’s a wonderful story. She is an excellent educator. It’s was a journey to get all the way to Unis. I am grateful to have you as my teacher, Mrs. Kincaid!

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