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The River that came back to life

2 Comments 02 April 2011 By Bahaa Abazeed
Unis Middle School

The Rouge River is known for all the chemicals and pollutants that factories have thrown into it. It carried deadly chemicals and has made people sick.

This river is not as dirty any more, since there has been a lot of work to clean it up. The cleaning wasn’t easy and it was quite a challenge. It took a very long time to achieve success. The Rouge is one of the most successful river cleanups out there today. The Rouge River was one of the issues at the Environmental Journalism Day at the University of Michigan-Dearborn on March 31.

Besides the chemicals that companies dumped into the river, people and nature used the Ruge as a dumping ground. About 12,000 immersed logs have been pulled form the river. Also, 13,500 bags of trash have taken out.

“Everybody owns the river. It is all of ours. We need to take ownership of it,” said Michael Darga said, manager of the Friends of the Rouge.

The Friends of the Rouge was started 1986. Since it started, it has made a huge difference the environment.

Was the Rouge really polluted that much? The answer is yes. In Melvindale there is a sign that was put up to warn people. The sign says “STAY AWAY FROM THE ROUGE.”

“It is a massive task,” said Joel Thurtell, author of “Up the Rouge! Paddling Detroit’s Hidden River.”

Hard work has been done, but it pays off when you see the beauty of real life back on the Rouge. It had been so long since there was life in that environment. Now people can even fish in the river again. One man called it an amazing surprise.

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  1. April Kincaid says:

    Truly an interesting a current topic. Seems like society is starting to think about the environmental issues more and more lately. I’m glad the river survived!


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