A different twist on the popular coney island

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By Diana Harb
Unis Middle School

Dearborn, Mich., has many different cultures, but the largest group is Arab Americans. There are many Arab-American restaurants in Dearborn and one is Superior Coney and Grill at 7737 Wyoming Ave.

Superior serves 13 schools in Detroit and three in Dearborn. The co-owners of this one are Abdel Nabi Harb, and Jamal Sabbagh. They started running this restaurant in February, 2005.

The American foods they have are hamburgers, coneys and chicken nuggets, and they are halal. That means the food is prepared according to Islamic law. Many people enjoy Superior’s food. “No matter if it is halal or not the food it’s always great.” One Superior consumers said.

It was Harb and Sabbagh’s dream to own a restaurant. One thing better than owning your own restaurant is to own one with your friend. They have decorated in red and white and silver.

Coneys are very important to the restaurant, hence the name Superior “Coney” and Grill. The Detroit area has hundreds of coney island restaurants, more than any other place in the country. Most are run by Greeks and Albanians and the featured item is a hot dog with a beanless chili sauce, onions and mustard. But Superior Coney Island is different. It is run by Arabs and also has Arabic dishes.

The coneys can contain pork or can be halal — without pork. Many people say that halal coneys are way better then the regular coneys. Many places around Detroit sell coneys, but there aren’t many that sell halal coneys, as Superior does.

“We make American and Arabic foods, so we can get a variety of consumers.”
– Jamal Sabbagh

The Arabic food came from Harb and Sabbagh’s religion. They have meat and chicken shawarma, hummus, and tabouleh. In Dearborn, there are so many coney islands, but in other places there might be just one or two. Dearborn is also unique for having so many coney islands and run by Greeks.

Sabbagh and Harb started Superior after by working at other coney islands as employee. They learned the business and then wanted to run their own restaurant.

Harb and Sabbagh said “It’s been our dream to run our own, since we were young kids.” When you go to the Coney, there are only similes. Sabbagh and Harb have been working at the Superior for more than six years, and say the business has run smoothly since the first day it was open.

Writer Diana Harb is the daughter of Superior co-owner Nabi Harb.

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  1. Summer Maatouk says:

    good job diana this is well worth sometimes to read!

  2. Diana says:

    Thanks, Summer.

  3. Diana says:

    They don’t have 16 restaurants they serve 16 schools, sorry

  4. Mom says:

    I am so proud of my daughter. Good job!

  5. Houssein ajrouche 7th says:

    i think that it is cool to own a resterant that sells two different types of culture foods

  6. Rangis 1st hr. says:

    I think its really cute that two best friends dream came true.Harb and Sabbagh did a really good job working hard for their own dream.I love Cony islands i love their food chicken shawarma, hummus, and tabouleh.

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