Animal man brings friends to visit school

7 Comments 02 May 2011

By Jamila Nasser and Nadine Khalil
Unis Middle School

Mark Rosenthal holds a colorful parrot

Mark Rosenthal points out some of the characteristics of this bird.

Mark Rosenthal came to Unis Middle for his first visit, but he didn’t come alone. He brought a few interesting friends along with him. Rosenthal is known as the “animal man” at Unis now.

He works with exotic animals. He’s been doing this for about 31 years — since about 1980. His biggest show was when he had 6,000 people came to see him. Whoa, 6,000 people all for him? Or was it the animals?

Mark Rosenthal with a curious animal he calls Seven. Can you guess what it is?

He said he wants to kep doing what he loves “until I die or get seriously injured.” He remembers his worst injury very well. “I can never forget that day, Jan. 27,1987. A rattlesnake bit my finger. It was my stupidity,” he admits.

Rosenthal’s job has led him to so many great opportunities, like meeting new people, going to new places and experiencing new animals. It has also affected his wife, their two daughters and son. Rosenthal says he and his family are going to be starring in there own TV show pretty soon. Wow! Who new he would become so famous that he’d have his own TV show?

Mark Rosenthal's own dog, Cupid, at his first show ever.

His favorite animal has to be the orangutan, he said. His favorite animal to work with has to be the tarantula. Why” He said, “it’s the one that scares people!” That’s very true, when I saw that crawling little thing in his hands I didn’t no where to run!

Mark keep his animals in a 10-acre sanctuary. He has help, but without him there is no show.

Who could of known you would become famous from animals? Not me, for sure.

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  1. Billal Asoufy says:

    Wow this guy is interesting and you guys made me more of a fan for him!

  2. Ayah Habhab says:

    Haha that was fun, but the monkey smelled so bad!

  3. Summer Maatouk says:

    i think you did an awesome job on this story. You are an awesome writer. You should make more stories. Good job!

  4. Mrs. Frank says:

    Great story with lots of interesting details and quotes. I like your enthusiastic style of writing. Okay, so what kind of animal IS Seven?

  5. hussein says:

    he’s a really cool guy good story

  6. Ali hammoud4th says:

    It must take a lot of practice to control a bird

  7. Alaa Saad 6th hour says:

    Tht was a nice story! good job! and i think i have the same bird

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