Dearborn mayor calls education key to success

6 Comments 02 May 2011

By Hassan Hammoud
Unis Middle School

As my dad pulled up to the Dearborn City Hall building, I was very nervous to meet the mayor for the first time, let alone interview him.

When I met Dearborn Mayor John B. O’Reilly Jr., his smile was inviting and friendly. He was eager to begin the interview.

These are some of the subjects we talked about: Economics, education and development. We also discussed some conflicts in the national news about Dearborn.

In the news, Sharron Angle, unsuccessful Republican candidate for U.S. Senate for Nevada, had made negative statements about Dearborn’s Arab population and terrorism.

O’Reilly said Angle was talking about something she didn’t know about and was trying to gain the attention of the crowd to try to win an election.

I asked the mayor whether he gets involved with the school budget at any level.

He replied, “No. The city has no direct responsibilities with The Dearborn Public School District. Many people commonly make this mistake of thinking Dearborn controls their school district.”

My next question: “How do you feel about Michigan’s economic issues and the continuous negative remarks from the press?”

His reply: Michigan was relying on its automotive industries and is now left with the problem of getting more done with fewer people and fewer jobs.

O’Reilly said he that Michigan’s educated citizens that helped develop new technology are no longer competing just with other states, but with the rest of the world.

He said, “education is the key ingredient to a successful economy.”

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  1. Kassem Sleiman says:

    Wasn’t it cool to meet the mayor? I met Mayor Guido.

  2. Marcia Santillan says:

    What a great experience! Was there something you wanted to ask the Mayor, but didn’t get to Hassan?

  3. hassan says:

    Marcia, there were some questions I never got the chance to ask, but I didn’t want to wast time, so I stick to the big ones.

  4. fadi hammoud says:

    Great job, Hassan. I’m really proud of you.

  5. zeina slim says:


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