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Environmental journalism day at UM-Dearborn

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Unis Middle School

http://www.unusualattractions.com/free-binary-options-trading-signals-journey April Kincaid’s journalism class went to the University of Michigan-Dearborn for Environmental Journalism Day on Match 31.

Part time pr jobs west midlands Our class was the only middle school there. Everyone else was in high school! Different students went to different classes. There was a clean-cars class, cosmetics and health class, a factory class, a pollution class, and a video game class. In video game class, Adam Rademacher and James Thomas, a fellow at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, explained a new program called Spubble Lite. It took them 48 hours to make the first version and they said it was for a contest.

Rademacher is a video-game maker. For example, he created the game called Olympus.

They taught us what a serious game was. A serious game is a game in which education is the primary goal. Examples of serious games are health games, news games, military games, corporate games, educational games and more.

They used Skype to contact Wei Peng at Michigan State University to talk to us about serious games. They said that that you could also use Skype for instant messaging on it and that it’s basically a video call.

The day was sponsored by Michigan State University’s Knight Center for Environmental Journalism and UM-Dearborn.

I asked Unis student Kassem Beydoun what he did at the field trip.

Kassem Beydoun

Kassem Beydoun

He said, “I liked that we didn’t have to be told to do things and that we were on our own.” When questioned what he did in his class, he said, “We had to study about the Rouge River and that it is being polluted and how people are participating to clean it.” When asked if he was excited to go to the field trip he said, “I was because I knew it would be a good experience for the class and it shows us the future in college.”

After we finished the classes we went to lunch and then we back to school. We will never forget the fun we had at the University of Michigan-Dearborn! It was amazing!

* The river that came back to life

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  1. Jana Alzerkani says:

    I think thats a great feildtrip becouse they learned how to clean the earth and thats amazing.Now people can do better jobs keeping the earth a cleaner place.

  2. Mirvat says:

    Thank you for commenting everyone!

  3. April kincaid says:

    Ms. Kincaid’s 6th hour S.S. class thinks you did a great job and I wish I was there.

  4. mustaphaj4th says:

    It is nice to see some people caring about our planet


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