Practice, polish help cheer team bust a new move

2 Comments 28 May 2011

By Diala Elhallak
Unis MIddle School

Pep rally! Students run down the halls, down the stairs and into the gymnasium.

Unis Middle School holds a pep rally for each season, giving each of the Unis sports teams a chance to be represented. Unis has already had several pep rallies to cheer for teams that have played in their seasons. “We take this time to highlight students who made each sports team, and encourage school spirit.” Coach April Kincaid said.

2010-2011 Unis Cheer Team and Coach April Kincaid

At each pep rally the cheerleaders — Samantha Mortada, Malak Beydoun, Yasmeen Chraim, Aliya Bzeih, Niveen Dabaja, Linda Bazzi, Leann Bazzi, Summer Maatouk, and Diala Elhallak — call out cheers for the middle schoolers and players. But, this pep rally was different.. The cheerleaders DANCED! Coach Kincaid has been practicing with the girls mornings and after school.

“A routine takes lots of practice, well thought-out routines and patience because of the mistakes,” said Kincaid. “We practice twice a week, for eight weeks.”

The cheerleaders definitely showed that the practices had a major effect on the dance. They cleaned and perfected every step and dance move.

Although, there were thoughts of, “how would the routine go?” “Was someone going to pause and forget the moves?” the girls got past these fears and danced their hearts out. “The cheer team performed exceptionally well,” Kincaid said.

The dance had many outstanding stunts and dance moves that took a lot of practice to perfect. Of course, perfection came with dedication and determination.

The last pep rally of the 2010-2011 school year was also a memorable one. The students who made the teams had a chance to be represented in a magnificent way. The routine was breathtaking and will never be forgotten.

Special thanks to:

  • Ms. Kincaid for taking the time and dedication to practice with the cheer team
  • The sports coaches for dedication, to their teams
  • The principal, and assistant principals for allowing this time for representation of each coach and the students on sports teams.

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  1. Sukayna S. says:

    The school cheerteam last year was a success. I wasn’t even expecting a dance I thought it was going to be just a cheer. It will be remember for a long time! Good work guys!

  2. Noore Dakkouch says:

    All of you guys did a good job. The cheer team is amazing & it looks like you guys practice really hard! Also, the pep rallies are really fun. Good work.

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