How 2 big names have added up to 1 great school

6 Comments 10 June 2011 By Jamila Nasser
Unis Middle School

McCollough–Unis is a great school located at the east end of Dearborn.

Lucille McCullough is the K-5 half of our building. I attend Donald Unis Middle School. It was named after Donald Unis, a son of immigrant parents who was raised in Dearborn. He grew up attending Dearborn Public Schools: Salina Elementary and Lowery Middle School.

Don Unis

As an adult, he joined the Dearborn Fire Department, becoming the captain. Under his guidance, the company received more medals of valor than the other five Dearborn fire companies put together. He soon began working on bringing bilingual education to the district. This led him to assist the superintendent in bringing millions of government dollars to the district.

Lucille McCollough

Lucille Hannah McCullough represented Dearborn in the Michigan House of Representatives for 28 years, from 1958-1982. According to the Michigan Women’s Historical Center and Hall of Fame, she set a Guinness World Record for having perfect voting attendance.

I am proud of our school. It is very modern. It’s only seven years old. We are fortunate to have a huge cafeteria, a gymnasium big enough to split and hold two separate classes, a weight room, a pool, and air-conditioning.

McCollough-Unis has 447 elementary students and 588 middle school, making a total of 1,035 students. It is a mixture of Lebanese, Iraqis, African Americans, Yemenis, Caucasians, and more. We have a 98% subsidized lunch rate. With so many students, we have a principal and two assistant principals.

McCollough-Unis is a green school that has a variety of sports, a recycling program, and many academic clubs. Our student council raises thousands of dollars for charity annually.

Our school has lots of school spirit. Our cheerleaders help give the best pep rallies and school dances.

The students talents really shine at the end of every year at our Annual Talent Show.

These are just a few of the reasons why I love McCollough-Unis School.

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  1. Wow, sounds like a wonderful school.

  2. April Kincaid says:

    Jamila, I agree with you on the many reasons to love Mc-Unis School!

  3. Sara says:

    It is an amazing school <3

  4. zaynab alhasson says:

    That’s very interesting, how they talk about how the school got its name. I like how she talked a brief summary of Don Unis’ life. Also, I like how she said about have a huge cafeteria, a gymnasium big enough to split and hold two separate classes, a weight room, a pool, and air-conditioning. It sounded like an amazing school … AND IT IS.

  5. Fatima Jomaa 6th says:

    i really liked this story it’s great<3

  6. Hawraa Beydoun says:

    I have been going to Unis middle school since kindergarten and its been amazing. We are so thankful for such a wonderful school, because when other students from other building come to visit they are jealous because of how nice and clean our building is clean.

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Unis Middle School

Unis School serves grades K-8 in the Dearborn Public School District. The school principal is Heyam Alcodray. These are its beliefs about education:

  • A student's highest potential includes improvements academically, artistically, emotionally and socially.
  • Student achievement requires a cooperative effort among parents, teachers and the community to provide encouragement and reinforce core values.
  • Good instruction is assessment-driven, outcomes-based, active, and engaging.
  • Effective instruction touches the world of each student providing for different learning styles and needs.
  • Education is a life-long process that prepares students to be successful, contributing citizens in a changing world.

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