Winners in this fashion show are all edible

17 Comments 07 June 2011

Story and photos by Mirvat Chammout
Unis Middle School

Berries, princess tiaras, margarita cupcakes and more! On Friday the 13th in May, Mariam Chammout went to a fashion show that held a cupcake contest. There were three contestants and Mariam was one of them. She made cupcakes the day before the contest and tried her best to perfect each one. When she was finished, they looked elegant and delectable.

“I got the idea for my cupcakes by looking at pictures on the Internet and in a cookbook,” said Mariam. “I made the cupcakes for a fashion show and I was contestant #2 and there were 2 other contestants. “The rules for the contest were that no one is supposed to know what cupcakes are yours and I got interested in baking because I enjoy it and it relaxes me because I am in my own little world.

“I felt excited and happy knowing that I won between two people and I was glad all my hard work paid off,” said Mariam. She won three kinds of cupcake pans and one kit to make a giant cupcake.

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  1. Dad says:

    What a great story! Great job!

  2. Timmarah says:

    Wow that looks good! And I like the style of it!!

  3. April Kincaid says:

    MIrvat, your mom is a very talented baker. Is she pursuing baking as a career or is it just recreational!

  4. Mohamad C / 4th Kincaid says:

    Wow Mirvat that actually got me hungry. going to eat cake. LOL

  5. Mirvat it looks like your mom is the best baker i ever seen and she got so lucky she won. Tell her good luck.

  6. Ali hammoud4th says:


  7. Wow what amazing cupcakes. That is a true talent. I wish I could be as good as a cook.

  8. Wow what amazing cupcakes. That is a true talent. I wish I could be as good as a cook. last but not least those are some crazy desighns.

  9. im reallllyyy hunnggryyy nowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!,, yummyyyyy cupcakes!! im going to buy a cupcake now!!,PEACE OUT!!!

  10. fadwat bazzi 4th says:

    wow those cupcakes look awesome!!!! great job!!

  11. Mirvat says:

    Thank you everyone for you comments!

  12. Nour/6th hour says:

    Nice Job, she really deserves 1st place.

  13. Houssein Ajrouche 7th 1rst hour says:

    Yummy lookin cupcakes Mirvat lucky u can probally eat as much cupcakes as u want ! p.s. LUCKY

  14. Malak Jomaa 6th says:

    Wow mirvat those cupcakes look great. Your mom is very talented!

  15. zaynab alhasson says:

    i think those cupcakes look very delicious! her mom is a true backer!!!!! YMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!

  16. rangis says:

    Those cupcakes looked so good ur mom deserves 1st place. I wish i can be that good. I’ll cook cakes every day and not give any1 lol for me only

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