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8 Comments 16 October 2011

Tina Nelson talks about her work for April Kincaid's Living Textbook class.

By Linda Bazzi
Unis Middle School

A mother, a journalist, a hero, her name is Tina Nelson, a journalist that goes to school and has a family. Tina is a reporter for the Form & Link newspaper publisher distributed throughout the DBN.

Nelson talks about how her life revolves around drama and her children. “I live in my car,” she states as she lectured our 8th grade journalism class, Nelson has been a journalist for one year. She explains that she didn’t write or keep a planner in her childhood As a reporter,  she stays organized and stays up on the news.

Nelson is a wonderful person and helps out a lot. She supports a wonderful program called Take Back the Night. This program is about women  who have been raped, sexually assaulted, sexually abused, or affected by domestic violence. This program has many events for women who have been hurt. It’s also about women who work late and then walk or come home late at night. As a reporter, Nelson is out trying to fetch a new story all the time. This sometimes means she stays out late to work on stories. That is why Nelosn is such a great supporter for Take Back the Night.

When I sat down with Nelson, I asked if her kids were affected by her staying out late because of her job. She said her kids are not affected by her job, which takes her from place to place. She said they are old enough to take care of themselves. They actually call her Stop, Drop And Roll. Nelson is known as the camera lady in her school because she’s always holding her camera. I started to ask her some questions like, “If you could pick any other job to have what would it be”? Nelson said she would pick a teacher because she likes to teach.

After sitting down with Nelson, I realized she is a great person, she helps out a lot in the community and is always there when the action happens. I admire her and how hard she works to get the people’s eyes open to what’s going on around them. I hope that one day I can be a wonderful reporter just like Nelson, because that truly would be an honor.

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  1. niveen dabaja says:

    Good job linda tina nelson is a very inspiring person to look up to! nice job and keep up the good work

  2. Good job, LINDA. I luv ur article, and its really helpful for EVERYONE TO KNOW THESE STEPS IF THERE’S A ””’FIRE”!!!!!!

  3. Linda bazzi says:

    Thanks niveen (: , and Ghadeer thanks but this isnt the steps of a fire.?

  4. Tina Nelson says:

    Linda you are one of the brightest and best. Thank you for writing such a wonderful article about me. I will see you all again soon….much love to you all…keep those pens writing and those cameras rolling…

  5. Ayanna Wilder says:

    Proud of you Nelson, you have a heart of gold!

  6. I’m truly ** SORRY** Linda for the other comment I wrote, ^
    Tina Nelson is a great journalist, and an inspiring person, keep up the good work LINDA!<3333333

  7. Fatima Saleh 1st hour says:

    Nice intro, and truly Nelson is a great journalist. I also wanted to know what other questions you had ased her. Good job Linda (:

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