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3 Comments 16 October 2011

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By Niveen Dabaja and Nassif Daher
Unis Middle School

The Day That’s Never Forgotten.

“Nobody will forget where they were on 9-11,” said Ali Hammad.

The tragedy of 9-11-2001 is a controversial subject, a sunny day thatbrought stormclouds to Dearborn. Why, you ask? Because Dearborn is the largest Arab community outside the Middle East.

Mrs. Housaikky said, “9-11 affected all of us in many ways.” She was a sophomore at Fordson High School the day of the attack. She said “All of my teachers were in tears.” Many people stayed home that day, eyes glued to the TV. Most students here at Unis Middle School were barely toddlers at the time of the attacks and many don’t remember a time before the attacks. For the Arab-American community, 9-11 was a disaster. False arrests, deportation and racial slurs are just some of the attacks that cam back on the Arab American community.

Some people, on the other hand, say it strengthened the community. “Without 9-11, we wouldn’t be the tight-knit community that we are today,” one person said. A lot of people say it had a good outcome. Whenever you walk out on the street you see an old friend or a classmate. “Everyone knows everyone,” another person said.

This is what people still talk about today and, no matter what, people will never forget the day. The tragedy caused many lost livest and heartbreaking moments. The biggest memorial is in New York City, and is at the site of the World Trade Center, where two of the jets struck.

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  1. Nour Eidy says:

    Good Job guys:)

  2. Nassif Daher says:


  3. Nabila Alhashedi 1st says:

    I feel sorry for those that lost their lives on that day.
    By the way, good job.

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