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See the slide show. By Nour Eidy
Unis Middle School

On Oct. 7, 2011 McCollough/Unis school kicked off the brand-new year with a bully-free school, with an assembly showing that McCollough/Unis is going be changing dramatically and how the students are going to have the biggest impact on this change. As Heyam Alcodray, the new McCollough/Unis principal takes her place she also is enforcing many things, bullying being one.



This is what all McCollough/Unis students look up to for encouragement and motivation to keep going.

The assembly began with a few words from Unis counselor and physical education teacher Ms. Wilkie, “we want to be upstanders and stand up to bullying.” Ms. Wilkie gave tips on being an upstander like “don’t let anyone feel alone” and “try as hard as you can to make somebody feel better when they are down.”

An upstander stands up against bullying and stops bullies. While, a bystander watches the bullying happen and does nothing.

bitcoin cash split november Are you an upstander or a bystander?

Ms. Kincaid’s leadership class created and performed skits at the assembly showing bullying and how to deal with it and stop it. One leadership student has a hidden past she shared.

Sukayna Ali-Akbar a leadership student has been bullied. Sukayna is truly hurt she hides all her feelings and emotions and keeps them to herself. “Keeping a smile on my face is really hard, when inside me I’m devastated by how I’ve been treated,” Sukayna says, heartbroken. Ever since she has been bullied, she has learned ways to deal with it. Sukanya ignores the bullies now because to her “they are just insecure about themselves” she quoted. Sukayna’s advice to everyone who is being bullied is “tell someone or stand up to the bullies.

What about the bullies?

Rheem Rammal, an eighth-grader at Unis Middle School, has been a bully. Rheem is fine with being a bully and doesn’t see why it matters and how she hurts people. One of her main targets is Hadi Chararah. “Rheem has bullied me ever since I came to this school,” Hadi says.

Rheem said she is hiding many feelings and emotions from everyone and keeping them bottled up inside. “I can tell you I am insecure. I bully because of the way my ex-boyfriend treated me. He treated me like I was a piece of dust. One second he wants me, the next second he is done with me. He began telling me what I can and can’t do,” Rheem said, tearing up.

If you are a bully, think twice about what you say. The small things you tell someone are the ones that hurt them the most.

Bullying can also be online on any social network. Also, it can be as simple as a mean and hurtful text message, e-mail, or a call that gets under someone’s skin and picks at them until finally it breaks them so much they just lose it.

McCollough/Unis School has taken a stand against bullying. They believe the type of school that everyone should have is a school that is safe and fun and bully-free.

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  1. April Kincaid says:

    Great job Nour! You really captured the spirit of the no bully movement at Mc-Unis! The slideshow had thoughtful images and the actual story will surely leave a lasting impact on the reader.

  2. nabila alhashedi 1st hour says:

    I have been bullied at school and I know how it feels. Bullying really has to stop. It would make school a funny and wonderful pace and children will want to come to school.

  3. zeina says:

    Good job! Bullying needs to stop and I think that also bullies need help. Do you agree????

  4. Mariam Alata says:

    Great job Nour, a very heartwarming story, full of emotion! I loved it!

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