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4 Comments 26 October 2011 By Mirvat Chammout
Unis Middle School

The beginning of a new school year in McCollough/Unis brings a surprising new program called PBIS. PBIS stands for Positive, Behavior, Interventions and Support. PBIS has been in schools all across the U.S. The program is in Missouri, Oregon, Ohio, Kansas, Georgia, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and more! It is obvious that many schools around the U.S have the program and that is has improved the schools. Many teachers have been happy knowing that the program is in McCollough/Unis.

Now that the program is enforced into the school, students now have two focus cards to focus on their behavior. One focus card for the first semester and the other is for the second semester. If students do something wrong, the teachers would write on their focus card what they have done wrong. For example, if someone has been talking when a teacher was talking then the teacher would write on his/ her planner that they were being disruptive. Also, now that the school has PBIS, students have tardy cards to keep track of their tardies. If a student has ten tardies then they will have an O.S.S

Principal Heyam Alcodray

If a student’s focus card has been filled up, then they would meet with the principal and the social worker to find out if they would have a week of detention, an OSS, or an ISS. “The feedback that I have received is much better. The building is much more organized now that we have the program,” said Heyam Alcodray the new principal of McCollough/Unis. “The teachers have done an excellent job and it seems that all students have been following the rules.” Alcodray explained that the school had issues of discipline last year and that this year has been much better. Teachers have also seen a big difference in the school year.

Teacher Mohamed T. Bazzi

Teacher Mohamed T. Bazzi

“It keeps track of student’s behavior,” said Mohamed T. Bazzi, a sixth grade teacher. “It provides intervention if need be to help the student. “The students have really bought into the system,” said Mark Cifaldi. “In doing so I think the behavior in all aspects of the school has been a lot better than what I have seen before. A lot of what we have in America allows people to follow the PBIS system in a more adult fashion meaning we are looking, as an adult, for more values, things that the PBIS system teaches and does.”

Teacher Alexandria Houssaiky

Teacher Alexandria Houssaiky

“I really like PBIS. I think it’s a positive reinforcement for the students. Instead of them always getting negative, it’s a way for the staff to be all aliened on punishments that are not forceful on the kids but stuff that can teach the kids,” said Alexandria Houssaiky. “I think it’s already improved the culture of the school. The hallways are always clearing out without having teachers screaming at the students.

“I’ve seen more serious behaviors in the boys,” said Tony Amrose. “Hopefully it allows for a greater consistency of expectations among the students and enforcement by the staff and definite and distinct consequences when certain boundaries have been crossed.”

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  1. Mariam C. says:

    Very informative. I really like this idea and I sure hope it continues to improve the students and school outlook.

  2. April Kincaid says:

    I agree with the other staffers, the new behavior system has definitely improved many students in the areas of behavior and tardies. If we all continue to work together this school will go from good to GREAT!

  3. Mirvat says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

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