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Victory in Libya can teach other countries

4 Comments 27 October 2011

bitcoin mining asic card By Bahaa Abazeed
Unis Middle School

The people of Libya had beaten the undefeated Muammar Gadaffi. It was unpredictable when the dictator was going to let go of his power as president.

Protests had begun in early February. They were spread around the whole country including the capital of Tripoli. Many had died. Gadaffi wasn’t the only person protesters were worried about. There were also the people in his regime.


“It took so long for Gaddafi to let go of his powers as president because he thought that the protestors were going to give up, but they stayed strong and got through it” said Unis student Jana El-Husseini, who keeps up with news of Libya.

The people who were with the Libyan president had been fighting against the protesters, they been carrying weapons. They also had tanks, and they had done real damage with their weapons. There were also some people who are in the army and were helping he dictator.

Even though Gadaffi left the coty, some of his people were still taking back some areas in Libya. The dictator was never going to leave without the help of NATO, which entered the fight in April after seeing all of the torture that has been going on. NATO bimbed Gadhaffi’s house, but the dictator was the target, but he and his wife got away without injuries. Gadaffi’s son and three grandchildren were visiting him, and they died.

Ahmad Alhasan also keeps up with the news in Libya and says, “I think Gaddafi killed so many people because once protestors saw all of the deaths, the people will get scared and stop protesting,” but that didn’t work.

A beautiful country turned into ruins, Libya was destroyed. The country will need a lot of help fixing up, and to make itself look better than before.

It will take a while to clean up all the damage that has been done, and until a new government is in place.

More than 50,000 people have died in the civil war for peace. It is terrible that young newborns to the elderly have been killed and some of them tortured.

Hopefully, there will be no more dictators throughout the Middle East. Jana said. “There should be hope for other countries that are going through a civil war, because the person that everyone thought wasn’t going to leave, left.”

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  1. It is a lesson to be learned by all the evil dictators in this unfair world.

  2. Marcia says:

    Thank you for the update and for your own perspectives.

    Nice to see your interest in international politics.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow i just learned alot about how evil Gadaffi is. I hope libiya becomes a better place for people. This was really informational good job:)

  4. It’s a good thing Mr.G is dead because he made Libya a bad place.

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