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You are feeling sleepy … very sleepy

18 Comments 28 October 2011

By Celine Bazzi
Unis Middle School

Blink. Your eyes feel heavy, heaving up and down slowly. B-l-ink. Your hands are pressed tightly against your cheeks. B-l-i-nk. You tell yourself, “don’t, don’t do it,” but you know you can’t help it. B-l-i-n-k. You remind yourself over and over again until you … just … collapse!

Pamela Anderson

“… You have to wonder if they’re not getting enough, that they’re at their optimum in performance,” says Pamela Anderson, an eighth grade Language Arts teacher at Unis Middle School. A student’s sleep is very important for brain development. Sleep is “food” for the brain. Most kids these days don’t care to get the sleep they need.

Ali Hadous

Usually, there are excuses. Sometimes there’s a good movie on that they’re anxious to finish, or they have a lot of homework that’s imperative, and that prevents kids from getting the required 9-14 hours of sleep they need. Ali Hadous, an eighth grade student at Unis Middle School says, “I go to bed at 12 every day because I feel if I go to bed earlier, I can’t fall asleep.”

Jasmine Aljalham

However, there are some teenage kids that do go to bed early. “I go to bed early because I want to be alert and focused during the day,” says eighth grade student Jasmine Aljalham. “When I sleep later, I feel the day goes by really slow.”

Students’ sleep also affects the way they participate in class. “They sometimes sleep in class. They’re so tired that they put their head down,” Anderson says. Most kids fall asleep in class because they’re not getting enough sleep the night before. It is usually in the first and second hour of the day because it’s just the beginning of the day. “They don’t respond. They just sit there. When I see them later in the day, they’re a totally different personality, because then, they’re awake,” she explains.

Ali Hadous “catching up” during class

Furthermore, caffeine affects the way a child sleeps. Coffee, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, and, believe it or not, chocolate! All these products have caffeine in them.

Caffeine is one many reasons kids can’t sleep earlier. “I don’t have any caffeine before bedtime because it keeps me up and I can’t go to sleep,” explains Jasmine truthfully.

Ali says, “I like drinking Tim Horton’s coffee before I go to bed, but I think that’s the reason I stay up late.” Anderson says, “It’s a stimulant. It’s not good to have a stimulant.”

After a short survey of my own journalism class, most of the kids don’t go to sleep at a respectable time. The majority of the kids slept after 10 p.m. on a school night. To find out if you’re getting enough sleep you need, take this short quiz. If you answer TRUE to most of these questions, that’s a sign that you need to change your sleeping habits.

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18 Comments so far

  1. This is really true and i never new that chocolate makes you not sleep early because it has caffeine. For now on i will not eat chocolate before bed time. This was interesting to me. Good job :)

  2. Abdul hamad 6thhour says:

    wow when people fall asleep in class then that means they stayed up all night wich would get them in trouble and it will get them a detention and they have to start to sleep early.

  3. Noor Khalil 1st hour says:

    I always feel sleepy when I wake up but but I can always get through the day. This was a good story. Good job :)

  4. saleh hamad 1st hour says:

    This is true. Let’s go back a little. When I was in 5th grade, I fell asleep in class because I was up all night playing my new video game on my new ps3 and then they gave me a detention and I had to stay after school with the meanest teacher and it was not fun, so now i sleep at 10

  5. aterra coles 6th hour says:

    I sometimes think kids shouldn’t make excuses because it just not right. Either go to bed or don’t go to bed. When you don’t go to bed, you don’t get an education. And what’s the point of making an excuse when you should know that you have school or get ready for school that Sunday night.

  6. Celine Bazzi says:

    Thanks for reading my story everybody!! I hope it taught you an important lesson!

  7. nabila alhashedi 1st hour says:

    OMG!!! I never knew that chocolate has caeffine in it. I guess I will not eat chocolate before I go to sleep.

  8. niveen dabaja says:

    This is really good! that is very true i sleep at 11 every day but thats probaly cuz the caffeine

  9. Mariam Alata says:

    Very informative! Good job, Celine.

  10. Alaa Saad-6th Hour says:

    REALLLY GREAT STORY And WOW! Chocolate & Pepsi have caffeine In them. That’s a new thing I learned today

  11. Fatima Jomaa says:

    Wow! such a great topic to talk about especially now when all the kids sleep very late. Great job!:D keep up the good work!

  12. Jad Salamey 2nd. Hour says:

    All this was really true. This was such a cool topic and i never knew chocolate keeps u awake. Now i know why sometimes im always up. This was interesting to read and i enjoyed it. Now i also know why some parents say, “Dont drink pop at night”. Thanks for the article.

  13. That is sooo true.i always eat chocolate before i go to sleep and drink coffee. Some people do not feel going to sleep. i do not feel like going to sleep sometimes. kids should go to sleep early to walk up in the morning to go to school. And if you do not get a lot of sleep you are not going to know anything if you have a test. And if you sleep in class you’re not going to get notes. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!(:

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