Will We Be Happy or Disappointed? Who Knows?

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source site By Jana Elhusseini
Unis Middle School

I feel like I am having that nervous breakdown. My heart is racing 300 miles per hour. I’m wondering if we’re going to win or lose, be happy, or disappointed. Who knows?

Today is our first home game, but second game of the season. I am really
nervous. Our first game was away, but today is our first home game and I don’t know if we’re going to do well.

I don’t know, you don’t know, so who knows?

Today is my nightmare at Unis school. My nightmare began at 3:30 p.m. and ended at 5 pm. Today we played Woodworth Middle School. The teams are B, C, A. The B team plays first, and then the C, than the A plays last.

Jouman Nabulsi

Jauman Nabuilsi plays for the Unis B-Ball team. “I play point guard,” she says. She plays the same position as me. I have to block the person that brings the ball down or the person with the ball. I am really good at that, so that’s why I have that position.

I have a lot of superstitions.

Natalia Gomez

For example, when I shoot free throws I always flick my wrist. I always wear my lucky hair-tie and headband. Those are my lucky things. There are other girls on my team that have superstitions. For example, Natalia Gomez: “I dribble the ball five times before I shoot a free throw”.

I play both A and B team. Today, I was playing first on the B team then, during the game, I substituted for A team.

Mariam Charara

Mariam Charara said, “I love basketball and I play A team and I’m proud.”
In the first game, I played A team. In the first quarter, I was
one of the two defensive players up, so I had to block and try to steal the ball from anyone that came my way.

I was so nervous. During the game, I learned to talk myself through the game and talk the ball into the basket. I got fouled in the third quarter and I had to shoot two free throws. I talked to myself.

I told myself, “I can do it! It’s only two points. I can do it, I can do it! Swoooosh! Right into the net. I knew I could do it, but it’s not over. I still have one more shot. I said the same thing over and over. I shot, silence surrounding me …

I was on my second shot and it fell right out. I was disappointed, but at least I made one. I came out and rested. I was sweating so badly it felt that, if I were to hold anything it would slip right out of my hands and fall. I felt like a cloud of rain was on top of me raining.

I was also so hot I could feel my heart pump out of my chest! I imagined myself in hot lava, that’s how hot I was.

I came back in during the fourth quarter. I was really scared because my legs were sore and scrawny. My arms were missing shots. I made a couple steals, but missed half of my layups.

I made one after steeling it from Mona Makki. Without all the cheering and
greatness from Coach Lancaster, I couldn’t have made it. We played great and won 25-4. That is awesome. I was so happy that nothing in the world could end it. Now I know!

We also have A LOT of supporting Unis fans. They come to watch all of our home games. With lots of cheering and support, we can make it through the game.

I know and they know that we can do it. Hasan Isaily said, “I cheer to motivate you guys, because motivation helps give you guys self confidence.” He is one of our most supportive fans. And we won
with the help of our fans and supporters!!

Every story has a moral. Mine is that it takes courage, effort and bravery to set the goal you want to set. Who knows? You might have all of that in you and you don’t know. If you try, you’ll find out!

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  1. aterra coles says:

    It’s OK, girl, because i play on the cheer team and you get so nervous like your heart is pounding and when you do the national anthem you know the game is about to start. But, yeah, once you get in the game you’re not even going to be thinking about the people sitting down, but, yeah it really fun.

  2. Nour Elzarkani says:

    wow! this is amazing! see if u tell yourself u can do it then ull probably have self confidence to do it. U kept telling yourself that u can do it and theyr u go u did it. You just need to believe in yourself. Every shot counts. And ya EVERY SINGLE unis student comes to cheer u guys on. We like you guys to win. Every clap you heard was for the times you tried and acommplished what u wanted to acommplish or tried and not made it. We clapped beacause u tried. Even though u didnt do what u where tryng 2 do, We where cheering u on so that u can even try next time u have the chance to do what u where trying to do. Keep up the good work! :)

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