Adoption and the challenge to overcome

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http://homeworks-get.com/?mining=litecoin-bitcoin-chart By Mirvat Chammout and Samira Maatouk
Unis Middle School

Three children and one on the way and a year though the adoption process. That’s an experience that one teacher at Unis Middle School has endured. Many of us take having kids for granted but some wouldn’t have that experience without adoption.

Steve Drinkert

Steve Drinkert, a sixth grade teacher at Unis Middle School, struggled for a year trying to get custody of his 5-year-old nephew Nicholas, but Nicholas is currently living with his father.

Mr. Drinkert was fighting for his nephew for a year and then the court sided with his father. When Mr. Drinkert found out that Nicholas’ father won custody, it was a very hard thing to overcome. “It felt like I was getting cut off at the knees by the judge who sided with the father,” said Mr. Drinkert.

He often sees his nephew every other weekend. Whenever his nephew’s father needs a babysitter he calls Mr. Drinkert.

Shane Shockey

Many children go through the process of being adopted. Approximately 120,000 children each year are adopted. They grow up and are raised with their foster parents. Shane Shockey is also a teacher at Unis Middle School who has adopted a child.

Mr. Shockey was going though the adoption process for three years before he finally was awarded custody. From the day the paperwork was filed with his agency until the day Mr. Shockey and his wife could pick up their son from the hospital was exactly three years. The Shockeys had decided years ago, even before they had gotten married, that they would adopt a child into their family. “It took us a while, but as it turned out it was a good thing,” said Mr. Shockey.

Ali Kabbani

Ali Kabbani, a seventh grader at Unis Middle School, was a newborn when he was adopted by his aunt and uncle. It took two weeks after birth to get adopted. Kabbani has never seen his biological father, but he sees his mother every other Sunday. She lives in a foster home and he is not allowed to live there with his mother.

“My life really never changed,” he said. “I was adopted when I was a newborn. If I had a chance to live with my birth parents, I wouldn’t because I am comfortable were I am.” Kabbani’s adoptive family it big, with five brothers and five sisters.

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  1. Mariam Alata says:

    Wow, three fantastic stories! good job Mirvat and Samira!

  2. Mohamad C 6th Hour says:

    Well ive heard about mr. shockeys story and ali kabbanis. but is is really wondeful to hear about mr. drinkerts. i hope he has fun with his nephew every other weekend.

  3. mr. drinkert says:

    Mirvat and Samira, you both have done a wonderful job with writing about this topic. Keep up the great work.

  4. Raad says:

    Thank you for your patience
    I like how you pull the reader into the story right away and then umbrella out to a larger problem before recapping. Good use of examples showing how adoption process impacts different people. Can you email your final proof before you turn it in?
    Thank you
    Raad Alawan
    Publisher, School Life

  5. aterra coles says:

    As I was reading this story I was thinking about my little cousin. Her mom adopted her when she was a newborn, but I really enjoyed reading this story and I like how people we being really honest about their lives. It was really great..

  6. I really like this well-written, exclusive story about Mr . Drinkert and Nicholi when he tries to save him from adoption and i like the fact that approximately 120,000 kids are being adopted and kids are being adopted as we speak.

  7. This is a good story, but it’s sad how people do this to innocent children. But as long as they’re happy it’s OK. I like how people all around the United States of America care for chilrern that are in need of a loving home

  8. sarah saab says:

    This was a really good story and was so well written. I have never experienced anyone in my family being adopted an dim not adopted so this story doesn’t really relate to me but I thought that this was interesting and it showed me things I didn’t know. like I didn’t know that mr.shockey adopted a child. I really liked this story and it was very interesting.

  9. Ali Osman 6th hour says:

    I thought your story was a great story on how many people in the world/school have adopted or been adopted. It is a good thing that people adopt because if not adopted, they won’t have parents and that is really hard to live without your parents. I thought that it is a very bad thing that people leave there children but once adopted, a new life starts. I thought your story was good and keep up the good work. :)

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