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Fumble, Run, Touchdown — but stay safe

source site 7 Comments 14 December 2011 Smith Middle School players try to grab the ball from Unis./Photo by Fahria Jaber

watch By Leann Bazzi
Unis Middle School

Bam! It is really exciting to run, tackle and score touchdowns.

In a really close came, Unis Middle School was about to beat Smith Middle School when Ali Jomma, a 13-year-old boy that loves to play football was injured. “I was running with the ball and there was like four people coming and then I got hit in my shoulder,” he said. “I heard something tear.”

Injuries can be really dangerous. Once you have a serious injury, you may have to be out for the season. Unis Middle School became city champs for the first time in 2011. The Unis players were all confident of becoming city champs.

Unis Middle School went 6-0 in 2011 without a serious injury./Photo by Fahria Jaber

Some of the kids started training in the summer to be ready for football practices.

Yahya Elkatib was one of the boys practicing on their own at Anthony park. Elkatib got injured when he dove for the football. “I was trying to catch the ball but then turned out instead of catching it. My shoulder bent back and I fell.”

Elkatib had to go to the doctor to get an M.R.I (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and had to miss two games at the beginning of the season.
Eddie Canals is helping 19 families deal with spinal-cord injuries. Canals’ son was playing in the fourth quarter of a football game in Texas when the son flipped and then couldn’t move anymore. He had injured his spinal cord. Eddie Canals decided he would make it his goal to be there for young men who had suffered spinal cord injuries. “They never gave up or quit. That’s what keeps me pushing,” Eddie Canals said in this CNN video.

Canals’ group is Gridiron Heroes.

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  1. rangis says:

    Good job boyz, it’s worth it.

  2. aterra coles says:

    i really liked the sport injuries video because alot of injuries does happen a lot and its dangerous

  3. LeAnn bazzi says:

    Thank you :)

  4. mohammed saleh 6th hour says:

    I was afraid of joing football before because if i had gotten paraliysed then my life would be over and cant realy do anything but the fact that other people are paralized and helping other people that are paralized is amazing ‘its like the helpless helping the helpless’. I truly belive that if we people were to have a caution in playing football then we dont have to have problems like ths but we have major problems like this in our everyday life. I think that it is amazing on how us middle schoolers are making stories on paralized high schoolers that we dont know and that truley shows that we care on other people. I love the story GREAT JOB seriously bravo Leann Bazzi

    • leAnn bazzi says:

      Thank you Mohammed Saleh for reading my story. Also thanks for understanding the causes of paraliyed people and how damaged they can be while playing football.

  5. Mahmoud dakroub 7nth says:

    This is a wonderful post especaly because im gonna be preparing for football this summer at anthony park.hopefully i dont get injred and we win


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