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Unis pep rallies pump up the crowd

watch 7 Comments 14 December 2011

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By Linda Bazzi
Unis Middle School

“R-E-D H-O-T, HOT, HOT, WOAH, click here HOT!”

Cheerleaders cheered, students shouted and teachers clapped at the 2011 pep rally for the girls basketball team and boys championship football team.

At first, Assistant Principals Mr. Hadi and Mrs. Burch announced the names of those who had not been tardy or who had a clean focus card, or who were most improved.

They took turns back and forth call out names till the lists were done. A focus card is a card in every middle school student’s planner that can be signed by a teacher or adult every time a child misbehaves.

“Thirty-two … two … five … six.” kids shouted some of the teams’ numbers and stomped their feet.

Unis Middle School holds a pep rally every year to celebrate achievement and sport.

When they called my name, a rush of excitement washed over me. I felt happy and felt like playing basketball.

There was music in between announcements, the boys football team had a record of 5-0 and had a game against Bryant Middle School, which was also 5-0, so it was going to be a good game.

Football guys were getting very pumped up for their game while kids where shouting and music was playing.

Cheerleaders were in their cute warmups, pumping up the crowd for the basketball and football teams, because they wanted us to win both games that day.

They had lots of awesome cheers to show us Like “Red Hot,” “Hey Fans,” and “Raise The Roof.”

While waiting for the coach to announce the boys football team, Mr. Smedly, an eighth grade social studies teacher and the Football coach, called off names of players to form a big line. The football team screamed and jumped around with a great look on their faces.

As I talked to some people at the pep rally, Yasmeen Chraim a student at Unis Middle School said “ I really like pep rallies because you can tell when everyone’s having fun!” She had a bright smile on her face.

Eighth grader Zena Khouryzat said, “I likes pep rallies, but sometimes I feel it gets annoying because it’s so crowded, and I don’t really like being in crowded places, but I still like them!”

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7 Comments so far

  1. fatima says:

    history happend

  2. i loved this pep rally it was exciting to see all the football players and everyone was introduced. Nice work, Linda Bazzi.

  3. zahia says:

    Nice. i love pep rallies :)

  4. Alaa Saad 6th hour says:

    Go unis football team (<—– Champions!)

  5. Fatema Rachid 1st hour says:

    good job Linda Bazzi! I really like pep rallies because it is fun to sit and watch. The thing that I really hate the most is that you can’t hear what other people are saying. It was nice for Mr. Smedley to introduce the football team to us. I liked the story that you wrote Linda.

  6. sara alhamawi (4th hour) says:

    Wow, all you cheerleaders did amazingly beautiful. I really liked the fact how this paper has been done, it’s perfectly amazing. When we do pep rallies, I feel excitement to see all you guys do great! I really liked how you have used interesting words like pumbed pumbing and more …. very good article and i agree i like them, too. Pep rallies are fun, interesting, cool and nice.

    -Sara Alhamawi

  7. Mrs. McBain says:

    You guys are so good….I wish I could see you more often….

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