Empty Bowls Help us Feed Hungry People

3 Comments 07 February 2012

By Hussein Mackie
Unis Middle School

While you’re watching TV, you see commercials about hunger and starvation growing in the world. We come up with many solutions to this tragedy, but still it keeps growing in a blink of an eye.

Dearborn Public Schools found a way to help the solution to go much further. Empty Bowls is a ceremony where the art classes in the Dearborn district design and make bowls. “The power of giving back to our neighborhood was shown in this idea of helping others”, says Bahaa Abazeed, “Making things out of clay is my favorite thing to do in Art and now I could do it and help others.”

The bowls are made out of clay, they are then fired in a kiln and at last are glazed. All bowls are sold for $5 each at the ceremony. The money collected is then donated to a local charity.

The soup, bread, and banquet hall are donated by local stores. Ms. Frank, and Unis Middle School staff and students, have been dedicated to this ceremony and continue throughout the years to make the bowls.

Volunteers designed bowls that look like two hands reaching out for food. The idea was seen in a newspaper ad about bowls. The bowls were made after school by student volunteers. Everyone showed up with one goal in mind, to help feed the people in need.

Every year, the ceremony takes place in a different banquet hall. This year the event took place on Nov. 14, 2011, 4-6:30 p.m. inside the Park Place Banquet Hall.

There will be another Empty Bowls ceremony in March. Many citizens of Dearborn attend the ceremony because they know what people are going through. Money from the event goes a long way with people that are going through the stages of hunger and starvation. Helping others is one of the key rules that as students we follow.

This was just one way we showed Dearborn citizens how much we care for them.

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  1. Zena Khouryzat says:

    Awesome cuzo mackstir!

  2. Jennifer Domino/Dearborn High says:

    I love the idea of using cupped hands to shape the bowls, the symbolic prayerful/soulful expression is powerful.

    Great Job!

  3. Mustafa Rubaii 1st HR says:

    Wow what a great idea to make such a design.
    The bowls look professionally made. And it would be cool if you guys would color them, it would make the design of the art work pop.

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