Teacher leads 2nd life on weekends

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By Lamis Harp
Unis Middle School

Pamela Anderson teacher and presenter.

“No, I never thought I’d become a presenter,” said Mrs. Anderson, a teacher at Unis Middle School. A presenter is one of two jobs she has.

During the week, she’s a regular teacher. However, during the weekend she’s a presenter at Henry Ford’s Greenfield Village. Presenters are people who act as if they are pilgrims. They tell stories from the past and bring it to life for people. They don’t just tell facts, they explain and act out the people’s emotions. Examples of whom they act out are Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers.

I love teaching children. I like to see them grow and I love when they come back and tell me that I did a good job teaching the material.”
– Pamela Anderson

“I was motivated to become a teacher by mother. She was a wonderful teacher,” Mrs. Anderson explained. “Before I went to college, I was stuck on a decision: medical or teaching,” she said.

When I asked what she enjoys about working as a teacher, she had many answers. “I love that very year I teach, it’s always challenging. We have to reach every student. It’s an amazing experience.”

Middle school student Lubna Bazzi

Lubna Bazzi

Lubna Bazzi and Jasmine Aljalham are students who have Mrs. Anderson as a teacher. “The information that she teaches us is prior to our education. It’s going to help us in high school and in life,” Lubna said.
Middle school student Jasmine Aljalham

Jasmine Aljalham

“Knowing Mrs. Anderson has a second job surprises me,” Jasmine said. “Many people who have two jobs are very disorganized. But, Mrs. Anderson is focused and organized,” she said.

“When I first met Mrs. Anderson, she wasn’t how I expected her to be,” Lubna explained. “The class was thought to be difficult. Also, many people told me that she was a hard teacher,” she said.

Jasmine said, “But she’s really nice and the work is not that hard.”

Mrs. Anderson said, “I love working at Greenfield Village. I meet people fmom all over the world. I learn a lot of history and I make stories alive for people. I was motivated to become a presenter because I actually went to school at Greenfield Village,” she explained.

“Henry Ford designed schools that started from kindergarten and ended at the sixth grade. Since I went to school there, I wanted to become a presenter,” she said. “I began teaching first, then I became a presenter. I’ve been working as a presenter for 20 years.”

Even though Mrs. Anderson has a passion for teaching, she also had the skill of being a presenter. “The things I love about working at Greenfield Village is that I’m always reading and learning. I love the people that visit; they share their stories with us,” she explained. “I’m thankful for becoming a teacher and a presenter.”

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  1. Noor Khalil 1st hour says:

    I think that having two jobs is really cool. But if i had two jobs i would go crazy because i would be so confused and disorganized. Its awesome that a person can have two jobs that they love and still be organized. Great Story!!

  2. amal kady says:

    thats is cool wow great job

  3. Hannah Manosour 4th says:

    I think that its very exciting to work two jobs. Especially Greenfield Village. And as a teacher. reading and watching about this story makes me want to go to Greenfield Village and watch Mrs. Anderson present and act like a pilgrim to think about it it was really interesting because some teachers don’t have two jobs, but Mrs. Anderson does.

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