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By Marouf Hamade
Unis Middle School

Students are anxiously waiting to see if they have been accepted or declined.

Students examine a car powered by solar panels

Students with solar car/Dearbornn schools photo

If you are wondering what they have applied to, it is the Dearborn Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology. The program is for advanced students, but to make it in, students must be very smart. If you are thinking of being a doctor, this is a great program, but if you want to be a doctor’s assistant, Henry ford Early College is the place for you.

Henry Ford Early College is run by Dearborn Schools. It is 5 years of high school, but will let you graduate with one extra degree then you would at a regular college.

It is a very hard program to get into, but if you maintain a 4.0 grade point average through middle school you should be fine. Celine Bazzi said, “That DCMST is a great opportunity and it will be a proud moment if I get accepted, but on the other hand if I was to get declined I will be very upset, but I won’t stop trying to succeed and get my A.” Seventy-two of the best students in the district’s seven high schools are accepted.

Hussein Mackie says, “DCMST puts kids in the right mindset of taking challenging course and it gives kids the chance to interact and work out equations and problems with each other.”

Not everyone is aiming for the program. Abe Faraj said, “it’s too hard and too challenging for me and I just don’t think that I have enough time because I play sports.” DCMST is for people that like a challenge and it takes a lot of time and work to succeed.

Sahmad Saab and Hussein Bazzi are juniors in the program. One likes it, the other says that it’s too hard to balance. Bazzi says, “it’s good, but it’s very challenging and I think it takes away all your high school years.”

Saab loves it and he says, “it’s a great program for college and it will help you much to succeed in the future.”

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Unis Middle School

Unis School serves grades K-8 in the Dearborn Public School District. The school principal is Heyam Alcodray. These are its beliefs about education:

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