Balloons, kisses celebrated end of 2-year exile

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see By Marouf Hamade
Unis Middle School

Masa Baelback, her family and in-laws were all waiting anxiously in the airport, balloons in hand, for Nasser Beydoun’s much anticipated arrival.

Marouf Hamade

Marouf Hamade

My uncle, Nasser Beydoun, was stuck in Qatar for two years. His mom, Najla Nasser, was waiting nervously for her son to arrive back in the United States.

“Just to hug him for the first time and know that he is safe because I have only had contact with him three times in two years, I was just worried about him,” she said.

Nasser’s daughter Aya hasn’t seen her dad in two years. Aya said, “when I wake up, I miss getting a kiss from my dad every morning. Just to see him and know that he is safe makes me happy so this has to be the best day of my life.”

“Dad” I hear in an echo as Jena, Nasser’s youngest daughter, shouted and hugged her father and gave him a kiss that she has dreamed about for years.

If you are wondering what happened to Nasser Beydoun in Qatar, here is his story:

Nasser was offered a job in Qatar running a chain of restaurants that were to open in Qatar and other countries in the Middle East. The man who offered Nasser the job was originally from Qatar. Nasser was given the job of general manager. 

Unfortunately, when the economy took a nosedive, so did the businesses in Qatar. Nasser found himself in Qatar and because businesses were not doing very well, he was not paid a salary for one year.

When Nasser took his boss to court to claim his salary, his boss countersued, claiming that Nasser was the cause of the business failure. 

In Qatar, if you have a pending court case or are being sued, they have the right in their laws to hold that person’s passport so that the person is unable to travel.  This is why Nasser found himself trapped in Qatar for two years.  In the end, justice prevailed. Nasser won his case and he was not found liable for the business failure.  He received a cash settlement.

Mona Beydoun, Nasser’s sister said, “it was very hard for my family because in countries with those types of  laws,  you are always fearful that the courts will side with the local against a foreigner, even though that person is innocent.

“His future was uncertain and it was very hard on his wife and kids, who had to move back here without him because living there became a hardship.”

She concluded, “In the end we were very happy that justice prevailed and my brother was able to come home to his family.” 

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  1. Osama Altairy 2nd hr. says:

    I feel really happy for Nasser that he won his case in court. But the sad thing is he didn’t get paid any money for a year. Also, he couldn’t see his family for 2 years that is very depressing.

  2. Osama Altairy 2nd hr. says:

    I feel really happy for Nasser that he won his case in court. But the sad thing was he didn’t get paid any money for a year. Also, he couldn’t see his family for 2 years that is very depressing.

  3. Ali Farhat 6th hour says:

    Aw I am so happy that Nasser got back to his family. It was so sad that he had to stay in Qatar because of the business. It was also even sadder that his family had to suffer without seeing there dad, brother, or son. I am just happy that justice prevailed. But what I really hope is that he doesn’t get in that same situation were he cant leave or see his family. You must have been real sad and I just want to hope that this never happens again to him or anyone you know. But I hope that he is alright know and that this will never happen again.

  4. Hassan Cheaitou 2nd hour says:

    That must have been hard not seeing your uncle for 2 years, It must of felt amazing to be able to hug him for the first time in 2 years. I can’t imagine how his daughter felt not being able to see her father for two years, that’s heartbreaking. The Qatar business owner was not fair and did not think about this poor man’s family. Im so glad with god’s help your uncle won the court case. In the end justice will prevail.

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