Don’t put labels on people or judge them

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By Diala Elhallak
Unis Middle School

Geek, jock, wannabe, klutz, cheerleader, nerd.

Through the halls or internet, calling other teenagers names is supposedly a trend. Most kids label each other without realizing it hurts them or maybe even scars them for life.

Malak Bazzi

Malak Bazzi, an 8th grade student at Unis Middle School, said, “It’s not funny to be called names. Everyone should be treated equally.”

Being labeled is the same thing as being called a name. Calling students names makes that person feel like they have to live up to that name.

It’s a problem waiting to happen, like a bomb ticking until it is time to explode.

Pamela Anderson

“You’re judging someone with very little information and that’s a problem. It’s not balanced.” Said Mrs. Pamela Anderson, language arts teacher at Unis Middle School.

Students hide their feelings instead of expressing them. Some feel that if they expressed their feelings they would just be laughed and called names as if it were routine.

Batoul Barakat

Batoul Barakat 8th grade Unis Middle School, said, “I would feel as if nobody liked me.”

Just like Batoul said, most kids feel that way, but no one else knows the way they feel. Everyone should be able to express freely and not be scared of being named or a fear of being put down.

One person can’t fit into one specific label. Everyone is unique.

“People are complex. Everyone has their gifts and talents.” Anderson said.

Giving someone a name is not only wrong, but it is also mistreating the person. It takes away their identity, individuality and personality

Everything has a way to end. These bullies can be stopped in several ways. For example, the character being labeled can tell the bully to stop or report it.

When asked, what are ways that this problem can be solved, Bazzi said, “whoever is calling others names wouldn’t want to be called names.”

Nassif Daher

“You shouldn’t be afraid to say, ‘Hey, what you’re doing is wrong. Please stop.’” Daher said.

“If everybody cooperated than everything would be better. No one should by into the act of being labeled. Treat everyone like you would like to be treated,” Anderson said.

Everyone should be able to express their feelings without have a fear to stop them along the way.

In spite of all, each person is individual with their own talents as well as personality. Not one label is big enough to fit someone’s story.

“Don’t be judgmental and don’t jump to conclusions,” said Anderson

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