Love of country can sustain a long journey

3 Comments 14 March 2012

By Kutaiba Alrefaai
Unis Middle School

One man’s love of his country can take him through a long journey.

This is especially true with Tony Amorose, a passionate American history teacher. Whenever he is talking about the United States, you can hear the strength in his voice

Tony Amorose

As he talks to his students, he constantly reminds them how great the United States is. As he speaks about the country’s Founding Fathers, you can feel the vibe of respect he has for them and how thankful he is to be in a free country.

Dedication, loyalty and respect are highly prized to him. However, as the United States drifted away from his ideals, he decided to run for Congress to change the way the country is run. For example, Amorose said, “I want to repeal Obamacare, reform the tax code, and secure the U.S. borders.”

When asked about how Obama was running the country, Amorose replied, “Yes, I think Mr. Obama is trying to accomplish things that are not in the best interest of this country.” Amorose went on to say, “I want to persuade the president to make the U.S.A strong and proud as it used to be.”

However, he was passionate: he did not win the election, though he did receive 5,000 votes. Nevertheless, to many of his students that’s a good thing because, before they met him, they never knew history as well as they do now.

One man’s loss in Congress is Unis Middle School’s victory.

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  1. aya swaidan 1st hour says:

    This is a great story and I love when he stands up for our country and and speacks up.By Dedication,loyalty and respect.But he should of won but he did not win.At lest 5,000 votes.The person who wroght good job.

  2. Hassan Nassar 1st hour says:

    Good for Mr.Amerose, my sister had him for 8th grade and she thought that he was a good history teacher.

    take care
    -Hassan Nassar

  3. Mohamad C 6th Hour says:

    This is a great story and I love the way Mr.Amorose has dignity for his country. He is truly proud of being a citizen of the US. I think that Mr. AMorose deserves a shout out for all the hope and respect for his coutry. This is the first time I hear that he ran for congressman. Sorry becuase of the lose but you did manage to ge 5,000 votes and that is awsome.

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