National, world journalists visit Unis reporters

2 Comments 13 March 2012

By Jamila Nasser
Unis Middle School

The big guys visited the little guys on Thursday, Feb. 16.

By that, I mean Unis Middle School was visited by national and international journalists from places all over world including Germany, London and New York.

U.S. and international journalists came to Unis Middle School to meet the younger journalists.

Many worked for big companies like The New York Times, BBC, Boston Globe and much more. This middle school journalism class is associated with the Asian American Journalists Association. The students here write stories about their Middle Eastern culture and any other subject they think people should know about. After that, they publish them on this website.

The journalists came here to learn more about Dearborn and the Middle Eastern culture. Emilia Askari, co-director of the class, accompanied them. They were all put on a big bus and visited different spots in Dearborn, such as the Arab American National Museum that the journalism class was once exhibited in, our school, and then they were whisked away to the Mosque of America.

They were very interested in Arabs and learning more about Dearborn. When the journalists came to Unis, they were introduced to the class and told a little bit more about it. The class wanted to test and see how much they really knew about the Middle Eastern culture, so they played a trivia question-and-answer game.

Just from that game, the journalists learned a whole bunch about the culture. They seemed very impressed and asked a lot of questions. They then took turns asking the class about 9/11, what they thought about the class and much more. Overall, the visit went very well.

Susanne Koeblbl, a journalist from Germany, was extremely interested in the class. She carefully listened to each student and asked many questions. She asked to set up an interview with me about my stories and growing up in Dearborn.

The interview took place at my house. She asked about life in Dearborn, the stories I’ve written and much more. She talked about herself, what and whom she works for. She was pleased and asked if she could visit again. Many other journalists also said they were interested in what they learned and hope to come back to Dearborn for another visit.

To sum it up, the professional journalists’ visit was an honor for the young journalists. Most middle schoolers would never really get the chance to sit with such talented writers from all around the world and from top news companies. Our class was intrigued by the journalists. Many of us hope to grow up to be as talented and well known as these journalists.

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  1. Marcia says:

    How fun, not only you, the “little guys”, but for the “big guys” too. We can all definitely learn from each other. Great job!

  2. Niveen Hajhassan says:

    Jamila,I think this article was phenomenal! You did a very great job explaining the details, explaining the journalists’ reactions,a nd the locations.You must have been paying a lot of attention, without a doubt! When I read this, I was mind-blown! This article inspired me to be a journalist!

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