Performing arts punches up our electives

3 Comments 06 March 2012

Punch and Judy theater By: Leann Bazzi on PhotoPeach

By LeAnn Bazzi
Unis Middle School

Something unexpected just happened at Unis Middle School. Performing arts has been added to this year’s electives. This has been the 1st year we have performing arts.

Mrs. Pamela Anderson, a teacher who loves acting and joining plays, was shocked when asked if she could be the performing arts teacher. When they asked her, she says she asked, “Performing arts? Performing arts?” because she couldn’t believe it.

So far, Anderson’s performing arts students have read radio plays, written radio plays and made some. They have rehearsed Punch and Judy skits for 8th grade students and anti-bullying skits for elementary and kindergarten students.

”I really liked the radio plays that people made. They were really nice,” said Joumana.

Radio plays take about a month to make, but that includes writing the play and having Anderson check it for you to make sure you can move on to the next level.

”I really enjoy it because you can communicate with people,“ Nadine said. Kindergarten students are really anxious to see the anti-bullying skits. Some kindergarteners said they “don’t like bullying because it is not nice!”

Anderson’s class has been practicing Punch and Judy skits. Some groups have been practicing the 5- to 10-minutes skits and a couple students go after school to the art room to make puppets with papier-mâché and other materials.

For the bullying skits, six girls have been spending their time in class sewing on buttons and making sock puppets for the elementary classes.

Anderson said, “I love this kind of stuff.”

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  1. Zena Khouryzat says:

    Love it and you you’re the best! jk

  2. Zahraa Saleh says:

    I really love performing arts. It shows all the talents that you have that you didnt know about. Im really interested in those kinds of stuff. I also want to say, GREAT JOB ON THE SKITS AND PLAYS :)

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