Your locker is telling secrets about you

3 Comments 06 March 2012

bitcoin cash exchanges us By Linda Bazzi
Unis Middle School

Middle schoolers tend to throw their belongings here and there in their lockers. Day by day the things pile up; the students’ lockers become messy.

Messy lockers often lead to bad grades. They lose their books and don’t know where they put their items. Eventually, they don’t find anything they want.

Malak Beydoun an 8th grade student has a really messy locker, she wishes she could have a clean locker but can’t keep up with it. She has coats all over the place and papers everywhere and has papers that have been in her locker that she has no use for.

Hadi Chararah, an 8th grader, has a messy locker. He has books, sweaters, papers, shorts and five bags in there. He also shares his locker with a couple other students and that makes it even messier.

Hasan Isalyi also has papers everywhere and doesn’t know where anything is.

Heidi Newman has a clean locker. Her books are neat and her coat is hung.

Sara Alhamawi, a 6th grader, also has a clean locker. She has perfume, her books are neat, her oat is hung, her keys hung. “My locker helps me be organized and get to class earlier,” she said.

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  1. malak jomaa 7th says:

    linda you have a very good story.I think what your talking about is true because alot of people with messy lockers always are unorganized and r always losing their things.And people with clean lockers are getting the good grades.I agree with what your saying.

  2. Ali Almansori 7th Grader 1st hour says:

    I agree with you Malak and Linda. I’ve always gotten bad grades because of missing assignments. For example, my 5th hour teacher (Ms.Furlow) was collecting a math assignment that was due. She approached my desk and asked, “where is your paper?”

    Ali and I replied “In my locker, should I go get it?” So she allowed me to go with a pass in my planner and left to my locker near Ms. Kincaid’s classroom. When I approached my locker I was saying in my head how am I going to find it. As I was digging through the stacks and stacks and stacks of paper that had been her since September, I couldn’t find it. In my head I thought I was getting a 0 and that thought came true. I’ve cleaned my locker on locker cleanout day and I needed a WHOLE TRASH BAG FOR MY SELF I WAS SURPRISED. But it was worth it, And now I never ever have to dig through 2-foot-deep paper. :) )

  3. That is also quite the same in North America. Organization of the locker also tells the story about that person.

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