Movie and Book Reviews of ‘The Hunger Games’

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By Zeinab Elhagehassan
Unis Middle School

When I watched the movie, I was really excited. It was full of so much action and the characters were really brave. It was amazing. I would recommend everybody watch this movie and not let their friends tell them about it. It would stop the excitement.

I would give this movie a 5 out of 5. Why, you may ask? Well, first, the action was just amazing. Second, the movie was sprinkled with hints of romance, and the romance does not interfere with the action.

In my opinion, I would only allow people 13 years old and older watch it. I think that because children under 12 would be disgusted and terrified of the blood and killing. The Hunger Games is based on the book written by Suzanne Collins. The book was really interesting. The movie was quite similar to the book but the producers changed a couple of parts. But, it still came out great.

If they end up making a squeal to the first movie, I hope it would be as amazing as the first one. I interviewed several students to get an opinion of the book and movie. Some students declared that the book was much better than the movie.

“The movies are much better, said Zahra Wehbe, a student. The movie are good, but some say otherwise.

“I prefer the books. They are much better and much more detailed,” said Maha Kandilelsayed.

I can’t help but agree with them since I enjoy reading more than watching, but this movie is 5 stars.

And, may the odds be ever in your favor . . .


By Zahra Wehbe
Unis Middle School

When reading the book, I felt that I was in it.

I could not put the book down, I continued reading it throughout the day — nonstop — until I finished the book. It was amazing.

The book was published on Sept. 14, 2008, but barely anybody read it until the movie came out.

The book and the movie aren’t similar, but people prefer to read the book and then watch the movie.

There are only two main characters in the book. One is Katniss, a 16-year-old girl, and the other character is Peta, a 16-year-old boy.

In the book, they reveal that there are 12 districts and only one person from a district can win the games.

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