Book review: ‘The Kite Runner,’ a first novel

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btc bitcoin wiki By Nour Eidy
Unis Middle School

“The Kite Runner” is Khaled Hosseini’s first novel. It tells the story of a little boy living in Kabul, Afghanistan, during the 1900s, with his father and two Hazara servants. Hazara servants are people who are Shi’a and serve the Sinni people. The book shows how the Shi’a’s were mistreated and were looked at as dogs by the Sinni.

The main character in this novel is Amir a Sinni who lives with his father in their mansion. His father is one of Kabul’s top diplomats, he is very well known and respected. Amir’s best friend is his Hazara servant Hassan. Hassan and his dad, Ali, live in a shed in the backyard of Amir’s house. Ali and Amir’s father have known one another for years. Amir’s grandfather took Ali into his arms when he had no one and raised him like he was one of own.

Amir feels his dad does not like the way he is because he has a soft heart. Also, Amir feels his father blames him for his mother dying. His father wishes that Amir could be tougher and more aggressive.

In Kabul, kite flying is a sport. Every year, during the kite flying, teens from all over Kabul let their kites fly and try to cut the other kites out of the the sky. As the kites are cut and are falling, the kite runners chase the kites down the streets. The kite runner who catches the last kite that falls gets the most points and respect. The last time the kite-flying contests happened in Kabul before the Soviet invasion, Amir and Hassan partnered up for the kite competition. By the end of the competition, there were two kites left in the sky, Amir cuts the last kite and wins. Hassan is the best kite runner and, as the last kite falls, Hassan runs for it and yells back to Amir “For you a hundred times over.”

That day, Amir saw something that sticks with him for life and he regrets not getting involved and saving Hassan.

I absolutely love this book. It shows how life in Kabul differed from life in the United States during the mid to late 1900s.

“The immense pain that Amir had to go through is unbearable. Every time you may start to believe that things are finally working for Amir they hit you with another devastating event.”
– Mountaha Eidy a University of Michigan Ann Arbor undergrad

This book is fantastic. As a child, Amir witnesses an event that he had to deal with throughout his life. Years after leaving Afghanistan, Amir comes face to face with one of his hardest challenges and the most devastating news of all.

The 2007 film production of “The Kite Runner” is not nearly as touching and heartwarming as the book. I recommend you read the book before watching the movie.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Hello, Nour, and thank you for sharing your thoughts on The Kite Runner.

    Your vivid description of the plot makes me want to read this book.

    – Carolyn, Palm Beach Post

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