Career cruising at such a young age

3 Comments 17 May 2012

By Summer Maatouk
Unis Middle School

Every child wishes to be something important or special when they grow up. You would think they want to be Superman or the president but here in Unis Middle School these kids are thinking to a higher level.

These children all have many different ideas of what they want to be when they grow up, and there are many people who motivate them or inspire them to do what makes them happy.

Once you get older, your interests occasionally change, but when you are young is when you start to think of what you want to be. Starting in high school, you pick classes that help you with what you want to be.

Kids follow the economy to pick what they want to be. A high-paying job would help them pay the bills when they get older, survive, and have a wealthy life style.

Teachers help kids start thinking of what they want to be. They don’t have long to live before they need to start working. In Unis Middle School, we use a program called Career Cruising which is a website that gives kid ideas of what they can be when they get older.

One sixth grader, Amar Haidar, said she wanted to be a singer like Selena Gomez because she has been a singer almost all her life. Another reason she wanted to be a singer was because she would like to have fans and people who are inspired by her to become a singer.

Many of the careers kids pick are to help others, or because they want to be similar to the people around them.

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  1. Roniah Alsebti says:

    I liked this story a lot. Because it tells me that us middle schoolers need to start thinking a bout what we want to be when we grow up. Thank you Summer for this story.

  2. Amar Haidar says:

    Thanks for writing about me, but it isnt just about that its about inspiring people to follow their dreams and never gove up on something you love and wpuld love to have as a career. That is why when I grow up I am going to move to New York to preform on broadway. Hopefully that will inspire people to follow their dreams and to never give up on them

  3. Amar Haidar says:

    Great job by the way Summer!

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