Fordson tennis working for perfection

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Unis Middle School

In the past five years, Fordson High School Tennis has been working toward perfection.

Coach John Forester has been coaching Fordson varsity tennis for a while now. The tennis team is in the shadows because its season is the same time as the boys’ football season. While the Fordson football team has not won a championship in 10 years, the tennis team has won two Western Wayne Athletic Conference regionals in five years.

Four years ago, a freshman tried out for Fordson tennis. Today, he is the best player in the city. He is Ameen Thalji.

Thalji graduates with the class of 2012. Thalji made the Fordson varsity tennis team as a freshman, he earned the top single’s spot. Since then, Thaliji has been undefeated at the WWAC finals. Thalji finished his last season this year and has made his mark in Fordson sport history going undefeated at WWAC.

Forester said goodbye to coaching Fordson tennis at the end of the 2011 season. The current varsity team and previous varsity teams all met at Habib’s Cuisine to say goodbye to Forester.

Former Fordson tennis player Ali Reda, who know attends the University Of Michigan in Ann Arbor, came home on a weekday when he had class to present a speech about how much Forester means to Fordson.

Reda knew he would have to drive back to Ann Arbor for class the next morning and, with homework on his plate, still came down and attended Forester’s goodbye dinner. That shows how much Forester means to these players.

Forester said good-bye to Fordson and his boys.

But, once a Tractor, always A Tractor.

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