Hockey violence can kill, but attracts fans

0 Comments 17 May 2012 By Marouf Hamade and Yasmeen Chaim
Unis Middle School

Hockey can be a dangerous sport, especially if you are the position that’s called the fighter or enforcer. The is the guy on the team who is willing to throw his body on the ice and take one for the team and is always ready to fight. Derek Boogaard, an intimidating National Hockey League enforcer, was known as Boogyeman.

Growing up, Boogaard wasn’t the strongest but always had one dream and that was to play in the NHL. Boogaard as a kid would fight but wouldn’t win because he was just not that skilled at the position. After a few years, Boogaard became an idol because he had become fearless. He had taken a boxing class and after that no one could touch him. From 2001 to about 2010 Boogaard built a reputation as a fighter. Usually, he would attack the other opponent. Boogaard never lost a fight. He was an extremely kind and caring individual. He had signed a four-year, $6.5 million deal with the rangers in July and appeared in 22 games in his last season.

Ali Dakroub, a former hockey player, said, “Derek Boogaard was my idol growing up. Just the strength of him is enough.”

Abraham Dakroub, a hockey player in Dearborn. said, “Hockey is an outstanding sport. It is very fun to play, but you always have that feeling that you are going to get injured.”

Boogaard has been quoted, “It was kind of tough growing up for our family because we moved around, and it was harder I think because my dad was a police officer.” At age 12 Derek was 6 feet tall and weighed about 210 lbs. People even said Derek was so heavy he was breaking the blades off the skates.

Even though many hockey players can get badly injured, fans go to the games to watch the fights because they are so intense. At the Devils vs. Rangers game on March 19, 2012, right in the beginning of the game there were three hockey fights at the same time.

Boogaard died in 2011 at 28 from an accidental drug overdose while recovering from a concussion. The examination of his brain, which showed damage, brought lots of answers as to how he had lived and died.

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