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By Nour Eidy and Summer Maatouk
Unis Middle School

The Michigan International Book Festival was held at Laurel Park on Oct. 28, 2011.

The festival attracted authors and organizations from all around Michigan. They included former Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who has written a bhook with her husband, Dan Mulhern, TV/radio personalities, politicians, reporters and authors.

They read and sold their stories to whoever was interested. The festival was organized by Michael Williams, who said he loved to see all the activity around him at the festival. These book festivals have been held in places like Cleveland, Nashville and four locations in Michigan. “The committees who runs these festivals plans to go all around the country by the end of 2012,” Williams said.

The writer or authors of these books all come with their own stories of writing their books. Some stories touch our hearts and make us tear up to hear how someone could get over, survive, or deal with certain issues. Others tell about a way to improve ourselves or maybe a fiction book that teaches a simple yet important lesson.

One man, Ron Sanders, touched our hearts as he shared his story and how it had the biggest impact on his life. Sanders wrote “Concerned but not Consumed,” in which he tells his story. Sander was a detective who had a sudden stroke and went into depression for three years. Sanders locked himself away in his apartment. “It has been 19 years since I got that stroke,” Sanders said. “It’s devastating” Sanders said with a sad and heart-touching look on his face.

Can you imagine being 63 years old and living with a stroke that happened 19 years ago? How would you feel? How would you react?

All kinds of books

There was a variety of books. Some made us tear, laugh and be thankful for what we have. Some authors educated us on how life back then was for an African-American author or musician. African-American authors were not wanted not appreciated. Instead of waiting, the authors began to write and edit their own books but, no one wanted to publish them.

Sharon A. Floyd, Shirley Slaughter and Herbert Metoyer, writers and former musicians, told about what they do best.

We also came across authors that were living and working in Detroit. Shirley Slaughter writes narrative history or history as she sees it. Sharon A. Floyd works and writes about the workplace of Christian African Americans. Herbert Metoyer was part of a Louisiana band. Metoyer won many awards, but now he spends his days writing about how Detroit was back in the day. These three writers all work in Detroit and were at this book Festival to advertise their books and let people know they exist.

The authors had their different and unique perspectives about the festival and actions of the past.

We agreed with some and found others outrageous. But, that’s exactly what kept us interested, what kept our eyes open and are brains moving. April Kincaid’s journalism class was astonished and blown away about everything from the authors’ books to their stories to the reading sessions. We were all writing interviewing and taking pictures of the festival and what it had to offer.

These Book Festivals are held year round all over the United States. Each festival teaches and has inspiring, life-changing, authors.

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