Syria maintains its violent campaign

0 Comments 15 May 2012

By Kutaiba Alrefaai
Unis Middle School

For the past few months, people in Homs, Syria, have been experiencing attacks by soldiers led by the president, Bashar Al Assad.

Peaceful protests that started in March have been put down by bombings and gunfire. What started as children writing, “oust Bashar,” caused protesting to break out all over Syria.

Parents demanded that their children be freed, but instead were told to have new kids.

In turn, the parents told of their children’s demise and started protesting for justice. More people joined the rally to oust Assad and his regime.

As things heated, ABC journalist Barbara Walters interviewed the president with no holds barred. The edited video made him appear a whole lot worse than he probably expected.

Though people have protested in many countries to stop the violence in Syria, nothing has helped.

Finally, the UN stepped in and had a General Council meeting. Russia and China voted to keep Bashar as president as long as he stopped the crackdown. But others disagreed, saying he abused his presidency and lied about stopping the crackdown.

Journalists living in the country fear for their lives as they send footage of the dead bodies that litter the streets of Homs.

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