‘Chronicle’ will really make you fly

0 Comments 06 June 2012

By Kassem Sleiman
Unis Middle School

There are a lot of great movies that have come out this year and a lot that are coming out. One of the greatest movies that have come out this year is Chronicle. It is rated PG-13 and its genre is drama. It is also a very entertaining and action-packed movie.

The trailer shows these teenagers who have superpowers and can move anything with their hands without touching it. The actual movie is kind of different than the trailer. The movie is kind of odd at points, especially in the beginning, but it then gets really fascinating and entertaining.

It is about a boy named Andrew who is always bullied at school by other kids and at home by his father. He then decides to tape everything that happens. Everywhere he goes he carries his camera around to videotape what is happening around him.

Then he and his few friends — Matt and Steve — decide to go to a forest at night. They find a huge hole in the ground and the first teenager accidentally falls in it because he doesn’t see it. After that, his two other friends jump in to find him.
They find him but then see this huge thing that looks like a bumblebee and it lights up different colors. The bee then does something and all three boys fall to the ground. The screen then goes black and the movie continues while the three boys are in their car in the daytime.

They then accidentally move their hand and the car in front of them flips the way that they moved their hand. They then find out that the insect that shot something at them gave them a special power, the power to move anything with your hand without touching it. It is a cool power to have because you could basically move anything with your mind.

That was kind of a bad thing for Matt because he starts to abuse having that power. Instead of using the powers to do good things, they start to flip cars and cause destruction everywhere they go. Wherever Matt and his friends go, they’re involved in explosions, cars flying everywhere, and people getting injured and seriously hurt.
Eighth grade student Hussein Elashkar said he liked the movie because it had tons of action scenes and there was also a good storyline. Another 8th grade student, Nassif Daher, said he liked it because it was an overall well thought out movie. Hussein Elashkar also said he was confused at first because Andrew gets beat up a lot at the beginning. Overall, I think this movie was a great movie because it was well thought out and action-packed. It had tons of action and the super powers they had were super cool.

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