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Qu’ran-burning pastor is hard to ignore

68 Comments 31 October 2012

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By Fatima Jomaa
Unis Middle School

For people around Dearborn, the capital of Arab America, Florida pastor Terry Jones is like a constant headache that gets worse, especially around the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

“The commotion that Terry Jones is making is ridiculous. It’s affecting the Arab community, and it’s affecting the Muslims because the foul language used against us. Also, the media should avoid taking pictures, doing interviews, and videotaping his horrible actions and not give him much attention. Mr. Jones is focusing specifically on the Dearborn community because it’s the most populated place with Muslims,” said an eighth grade Unis student, Nevein Srour.

Jones is the pastor of Dove World Outreach Center, a small nondenominational Christian church in Gainesville, Fla. He first gained national and international attention in 2010 for his plan to burn Qur’ans, the scripture of the Islamic religion, on the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. He is a self-declared independent presidential candidate in the 2012 U.S. presidential election.

Nineteen-year-old Alaa Jomaa had a very strong argument about why people shouldn’t give Jones attention. She explained that Jones was a pastor, and pastors are supposed to bring peace and harmony to the world, not create such a big commotion. She stated that Muslims should speak out, but in a civilized manner to make Jones feel stupid. “The more angry us Muslims get, the more Jones will deliberately make vulgar comments.”

Another eighth grade Unis student, Kaylee Mullen, had a different opinion. She is neither Arabic nor Muslim. “I really don’t care about it because it’s not affecting me,” she said. In her view, a person should forgive, and allow second chances.

Most of the world knows about the problems that Jones has been making these past two years. September 11, 2010 was International Burn the Qur’an Day for Jones and his 50 followers. It was the day when he lit a bonfire and burn the holy Islamic book. Different people had different opinions on why or why not the Qur’an should be burned or if Jones should be punished or not.

The following week, Jones came to Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit with a large Arab American and Muslim population. Dearborn is sometimes called the Capital of Arab America. He wanted to burn more Qu’rans in Dearborn, but was unable to do that. People protested his speech in front of City Hall.

“You don’t have to be a Muslim to be against Terry Jones!” says Italian American Carol Bodary, who lives in Dearborn. “I don’t agree with what Jones is doing. His freedom of speech is going off boundary. To tell you the truth, I would feel the same way the Muslims feel if someone wanted to burn the Bible. Also, it’s not wrong to express how you feel, but it reaches to a point where it starts to hurt other people’s feelings and you need to respect that. If Mr. Jones were to be punished, I would be against that because that kind of revenge will bring more problems and commotion. He shouldn’t be aloud to go to public schools and talk about religious believes, especially to minors.”

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  1. April Kincaid says:

    Awesome story Fatima! I loved your lead. If this is any indication of your level of writing this year, you are going to be a superstar!!!

  2. Nevein Srour says:

    Good work Fatima:) All your hard work payed off. Congrates!!

  3. Nour Elzarkani says:

    Ood job(: i read this story about two times): its an amazing story(: you deserved first place(: amazing story

  4. Fatima Jomaa says:

    Thank you all :)

  5. Issa Ghaleb says:

    Good job Fatima :) u did a great;)

  6. Nour Nuseibeh says:

    Wow! Fatima that’s such a great story! I think you deserved to win 1st place, Keep up the good work! :)

  7. Fatema Rachid says:

    Wow! YOU did an amazing job. I really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the amazing wprk!!!!!!:)

  8. Laila Sareini says:


  9. April kincaid 5th says:


  10. Celine Bazzi 7th says:

    Yeah I dont like Terry jones either. He is gross! It’s wrong to burn a flag. You wrote a fun story, great job!

  11. Roniah Alsebti says:

    WOW! This was awesome. I learned so much from this story! I didn’t know that a lot of other people cared about us, and how we felt. Thank you Fatima Jomma for teaching me all this information.

  12. Fawzieh Jouni 3rd hour says:

    Great story. I liked the part when Alaa said not to give him atttention. :)

  13. latifah jomaa 5th says:

    you really inspired me about how you described terry jones, how you said he is a constant headache

  14. Mrs. Alcodray says:

    Congratulations to you and your classmates. Thanks for representing Unis Middle School in such a positive light. Awesome work!!

  15. hussein hacham 7th says:

    i never new that his first act was in 2010 when he wanted to bern the qauon

  16. Amal aboulaila 5th hour says:

    Hi that was a great story did not know when terry jounes brined the quran and I did not now that other people from all types relgons cared about Muslims and I did not now if you give him atteition he will be the star of the show and for now and on I will stay not listen of what thay are goin say about alaa because we should not believe what they believe

  17. mohammed akharashani 6th hour says:

    I like when the story said “You don’t have to be a Muslim to be against Terry Jones!”

  18. Aya Rahil 6th Hour says:

    This Story was inspering. How could such person burn a Qur’an. I bet he wouldnt like it if us muslims burned the Bible. I love when you said he was a headache. Also i love how you said that Allah told us to ignore it. This was a very great story.

  19. Amar Hamade 7th Hour says:

    This story was very inspiring. He is very mean. He shouldnt burn the Qur’an. No matter what he shouldnt do that. Would he like it if we burned the Bible. No he wouldnt like it. This story was very good.

  20. Hadi baydoun says:

    Good job fatima

  21. Aya Rahil 6th Hour says:

    This Story was very inspiring. How could such person burn the Qur’an. Would Terry Jones like it is we burned the Bible. No he wouldnt like it, does he know that thats how we feel when he burned the Qur’an. This story was very good. Good luck at more storys.

  22. kassem harb 3rd hour says:

    completely true we should just stop jiving Terry Jones attention. And Terry Jones is a pastor I thought that pastors were supposed to be good people. But there’s an exception in this case it is Terry Jones.

  23. Mohamad abbas7th says:

    Good Job Fatima really liked the story when you said the should ignore the meadia pictures and what he says

  24. Houd Mashrah 5th Hour says:

    This was truly a deep piece of writing. I love how you wrote this story with such passion. This really inspires me to defend myself against people like Terry Jones (but in a civilized manner). This was thoroughly compromised. Great Job! :)

    • Fatima Jomaa says:

      Thank you Houd!! I’m happy to know that you liked and knew what i was talking about in the story, your right you should defend you religion but of course in a nice and good manner!!!! :D

  25. Silvana Saleh says:

    Wow Fatima this is truly a great story. I am so proud of you. You write so well!

  26. what a great job Fatima i think this story is inspiring because lots of people are scared of writing/saying things on the internet/public thats a great story.

  27. Samera Saleh says:

    you did a great job Fatima. i liked when you said,”pastors are supposed to bring peace and harmony to the world, not create a such a big commotion”.

  28. Ali haidar says:

    Good job Fatima congratulations on winning that first place!! Keep up the good work :D

  29. Ali Farhat says:

    nice story

  30. Hawraa Beydoun says:

    I loved this story fatima! it was wonderful Kepp up the good work!!!!!!!<3

  31. Issa Daher says:

    Great Story Fatima :D
    Keep Up The Good Work :)

  32. mystery says:

    amazing story and its hard to think of a guy to do this kind of things

  33. Ali Farhat says:

    nice story keep up the great work

  34. Fatima Charara says:

    This was such a great story, I loved how you showed both sides! Loved it great job Fatima

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