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Amorose loses, but student say he’s a winner

21 Comments 18 November 2012 By Ali Farhat
Unis Middle School

“Stand up for the things you believe in.” That, says 55-year-old Tony Amorose, is why he ran for state representative. Amorose, whose first name actually is Anthony, is an 8th grade history teacher at Unis. Although the Dearborn Heights Republican lost to incumbent Andrew Kandrevas, Amorose says he has learned a lot from politics.

“It’s better to come and lose than to be a baby and stay home,” he said. “If you try you’re always a winner.”

Amorose said his father taught him to stand up for the things you believe in. This is why Amorose believes that he can make a difference — both in the classroom and in politics. Some day if Amorose is elected to public office, he said he wants to help industries and small businesses grow.

Two years ago, Amorose tried running for U.S. Congress, and didn’t win. This year he ran for state representative because he thought he could do more for the state, like help to cut  down on regulations that get in the way of teachers.

But before Amorose thought about what office he would run for this year, he thought of an improvement to his campaign strategy. This improvement was knocking door-to-door and telling people what he wanted to do. He wanted to change education and help out teachers.

Zeinab Farhat, a 7th grader in Amorose’s social studies class, thought his campaign might affect her because if he won, he won’t have been her eighth grade history teacher. Eighth grade student Ibrahim Dabaja says he would have been sad if Amorose won because Amorose is a friendly teacher with good teaching skills. Both students thought that Amorose would win because he is trying to accomplish his goals and he seems dedicated.

Amorose’s passion for history and being a history teacher gave him an advantage in knowing what a state representative does. He also knows what not to do that can ruin or damage the state.

If he had won on Election Day, it would have been a bittersweet moment for the students and the staff of Unis middle school. Many would have been happy for Amorose, but they also would have been sad because they would have lost a valuable teacher.

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