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Going mobile saves time, eases tech transition

6 Comments 18 November 2012

Houssein Ajrouche
Unis Middle School

“Man! My teacher took my phone away for me researching some help on my topic.”

Do you hate when this happens? Some people believe that students should be able to use their cellphones in class; others strongly disagree. They should be granted this privilege because it saves a lot of time, it can help us transition into our new modern technology, and it can also help get the work done.

For starters, students should be able to use cellphones/tablets in class because it saves a lot of time. Using these devices can save a lot of time because you don’t have to go through the book and search. This is time-consuming. Using these devices saves time also because they can give you a direct answer. This can save a load of time. Osama Altairy said, “Instead of using your head for complicated problems or even using a book, a calculator on your device can save a massive amount of time.” Saving this time, students may be able to review their answers with another student quietly to make sure they have accurate answers.

Secondly, it helps us transition into our modern technology. It helps us transition because we are changing our ways and rapidly creating new technology. If we continue not to use this technology we will not create new forms of it.

Also, what would help us the most transition into modern technology is if we begin using this technology in school because with this technology at school, it would teach students the ways of modern technology and help them make the change. It may be hard to make this big change mostly for the teachers because they would need to learn more about the technology and less about the books, but it is all worthwhile because we must move on and accomplish new ways to learn.

Fatima Ajrouche said, “Yes, I agree that moving into modern technology can be a great step by humans because it can show how advanced we are in our technology and can soon push us to better accomplishments.”

Although there may be some side effects to this transition to technology, it can help learning in many ways.

First, some students may decide to abuse this wonderful privilege and decide to text, play games, and waste lots of time that could be used on learning. This would be of the most concern to teachers and others that work for the the school district.

Also, while there are always those students who blow off work and decide that they don’t want to participate in the silent work, this can also be a huge problem. Fatima adds that “most of the students would support this because they will think they can get away with abusing this privilege. This is why it’s a bad idea and will give teachers major headaches.”

Lastl, devices can help get work done. Students would begin giving 100% when they find out they can use a new device. Students would begin working harder to get the work done or, for some, just begin their work because they would like this new idea.

As Osama said, “I believe most students will take this privilege but abuse it and go on games and text their friends.”

It is worth figuring this out because mobile phones or devices can help in school learning because they save a lot of time, they help us transition into our new technology and can help get work done.

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6 Comments so far

  1. Mike nasserdine says:

    Wow this is a very good story

  2. Gloria chammout says:

    I liked the way you orginized your opinions

  3. heba says:

    I think we should be able to use our phone in class, too.
    Nicely done.

  4. Susan says:

    Good job

  5. Houssein Ajrouche says:

    Thank you for commenting and liking my story, it means a lot.

  6. Fatima Jomaa says:

    Nice Job Houssein! Keep up the Wonderful work:)

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