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Halloween means it’s time for dancing

here 6 Comments 18 November 2012

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bitcoin mining amd nvidia By Fatima Bouhamdan
and Hawraa Beydoun
Unis Middle School

Have you ever been turned down on Halloween when you were trick or treating because the person giving out candy refused to give treats you and made smart comments?

Well that’s what happened last year to a 13-year-old girl who was told she was too tall. “People can’t give candy out to whoever they want, they should give it out to all people that go trick or treating, unless that person has violent actions toward the person giving out candy.” Says Fatima Charara, an 8th grade student from Unis Middle School.

“Everybody wants to have fun and get candy. You are never too old for trick or treating because it is a Halloween tradition all over the world,” said Charara.

Layla Sabrah, a seventh grade student at Unis Middle School, disagreed. “Thirteen is when you should stop trick or treating because they are too old for it now and can get their own candy from a store.”

Niveen Hajhassan, a seventh grade student in Unis, said people can choose who they will give candy to, “but they should be fair.” Layla Sabrah said, “No they should give out to everyone.”

Going trick or treating alone can be safe and at the same time can’t be safe. “It depends on the age of the person trick or treating,” said Ali Darwiche, an eighth grade Unis student. Charara said, “You should always have supervision when you go trick or treating.”

People go trick or treating at different times. “I go around 8 and come back at around 12.” Ali Darwiche said. Sabra said, “I go around 7 and come back at 9:45.” Charara and Hajhassan agreed that 7:30 to 10 p.m. is the perfect time for trick or treating.

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  1. hawraa Beydoun says:

    I love this story fatima you look so cute.



  3. Fatima Jomaa says:

    Great Slideshow FATIMA AND HAWRAA!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Fatima Bouhamdan says:


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