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Score in class, not just on the field

27 Comments 18 November 2012

click here By Hawraa Beydoun
Unis Middle School

In any sport, referees might make mistakes but football players won’t.

Football for these eighth graders is fierce. When these players get out on the field, all that’s on their mind is winning. But would they be able to win after loosing 13 of their best players because of low grades?

How does it feel to lose your first football game after going 6-0 the year before? “It felt awful because we messed up the record from last year,” said Jamil Beydoun, No. 50 on the Unis Middle School football team.

Did losing 13 football players affect the season? “Yes, because we had very good players that we needed badly, but now there gone,” Jamil said. Last year, Unis creamed Bryant Middle School; this year it was the opposite. Last year, Unis had lots of amazing and big players. Since then Unis hasn’t been doing so well. This year, Bryant demolished Unis 49-6.

Bryant player Bilal Hamid said, “I thought it was a pretty tight game. We both have really good teams. I was shocked that we lost last year because we practiced really hard. We went a whole season without losing, and then got to that one game and lost.”

“We’re really confident of going 6-0 this year. Because of that loss last year, we’re more hyped then ever before,” said Bilal.

Abe Baydoun, No. 88, said that of course he and his team are confident of going 6-0 — no doubt. Bilal said he would like to play for the NFL.

When Unis wasn’t even halfway through the season, playing without 13 students suspended for academic reasons, players Ali Hussein and Khaled Elhaji were injured.

Bryant was on its way to being undefeated with wins over Woodworth and then Unis. It looked like Bryant or Stout would win the championship. Bryant never backed down. It had guys on the field that were limping and a couple guys were hurt, but Bryant never gave up.

Stout was leading, 7-6, when Stout recovered a fumble and was going for a touchdown from the 4th or 5th yard line when Stout’s Bilal tackled the runner from behind.

Bilal had two other tackles he ran the ball twice as a punt receiver. The coaches said he “turned the game around.” It really was a game to remember and Bilal said he couldn’t have done it without his teammates. Even though Bryant lost, 13-12, they are still a team and will always be a team, “we made history today,” Bilal said.

Despite the loss to Stout, Bryant beat Lowrey, 35-7, and Salina, 44-0. Unlike Unis, Bryant didn’t lose any players because of bad grades.

Unis lost to Woodworth, Stout, and Smith. The only game they won was against Salina 40-21.

Keep your grades up Unis boys, if you want to play and don’t give up many more years for other players to come and become city champs at Unis Middle School.

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27 Comments so far

  1. Ghida_kiryu says:

    Awesome story i love the slide show. You’re a great writer…

  2. Laila Sareini says:

    Wow Hawraa, nice story you show them Bryant kids what your made of girl!!

  3. Abe Baydoun says:

    Good job, it was a great year and you summarized it perfectly!

  4. Zeinab Elmoussaoui says:

    Great Job Hawraa, nice story!

  5. Fatima Alzirgany says:

    Hi Hawraa im in A2:)

  6. Tahani Smidi says:

    Nice story and video Hawraa i like it…..keep it going :)

  7. Issa Daher says:

    It would’ve been an amazing thing if you included Fatima Charara in your story, she was the official score keeper! Though overall your story was great, and you are a talented writer

  8. Fatima Charara says:

    Awesome story Hawraa! The Bryant Team did an outstanding job this year and I love that you chose them for your story, nice job boys!

  9. Bilal Bazzi says:

    My boy4life Bilal Hamid great job this year man cant wait to see you on the field again! Nice story

  10. April Kincaid says:

    Very important message! Hopefully students will learn academics before athletics!

  11. Fatima Jomaa says:

    Loved this Story Hawraa! Glad the students know that its not all about winning!!

  12. Ali Farhat says:

    nice story

  13. Mahdi El-Sayed 5th Hour says:

    Great story, I also really like the slideshow, great music, pictures, and nice job adding on the quotes.

  14. Yousuf alrameemi says:

    I found this article so interested to read.what I found is interesting what the other teams have thinking about or what was their reaction thanks Harawa Beydoun this i article is so fun to read about. keep it up :)

  15. Moe Berro 7th hour says:

    This is a very good article. I played for Unis football this year and we had 2 inguries. you always have to be careful when you play so you wont break any bones.We are a team who cares for people and dont play cheap so always be careful.

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