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A journalist’s story: Detroiter travels world

2 Comments 07 December 2012


Jeff Ghannam at Unis Middle School

By Michtaba Alsultany
Unis Middle School

A free trip to Las Vegas!

Often, journalists are sent to places like Las Vegas and New York to report a story without paying a dime on the airline ticket. If you’re interested in traveling, then I recommend you look into being a journalist.

Jeff Ghannam, a journalist who grew up in our area, says he became a journalist because of motivation and help, overcoming stereotypes he never understood. Ghannam, a Palestinian American, was confused about why he was looked at differently, and why some people told him he was a terrorist.

He talked about his life and career in a journalism class at Unis Middle School.

One of the challenges Jeff went through to become a journalist was that his parents didn’t support him at first. He said that they never really understood the newspaper business. They were a little bit concerned about why he didn’t want to become a doctor or lawyer.

After he graduated from Michigan State University and became a reporter at the Detroit Free Press, his parents were a little surprised by his success and concerned, too. Ghannam told students to go for what they want to do.

Journalists go anywhere in the world where there is a story to report. For example, they might go to Italy or China, Japan, Africa, and even India. Some of the places Ghannam has visited are Canada, North Africa, South Africa, Lebanon, and more. Sometimes you get assigned a country or sate that you may not like. For instance going to a country on an anniversary or your sons birthday or even a funeral that you cant attened. It depends on your editorial.

There was a police officer in South Central Indonesia that assaulted a fruit seller saying that he didn’t have a license, so the fruit seller reacted by believing the situation that was happening and committed suicide by lighting himself on fire, which then lead to protesting on their right and that they should change the law so they can prevent this from happening again. The fruit seller did it as protest extreme formal protest.

The law does affect journalism because what you say about someone could lead them to sewing you or could lead you to go to jail. The law also effects the law because talking about the government could lead you to go to jail. That could affect people’s decision from hiring you as a reporter. Also, exaggerating peoples answers in an interview could cause you a fine of plagiarism. All in all, there is no job that’s going to be waiting for you even if you had a college education, there’s never a political opportunity for anyone says Jeff Ghannam.

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  1. Zeinab Elmoussaoui says:

    I really liked this story. Great job!

  2. Ali farhat says:

    nice story michtaba keep up the work

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