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Everyone wins when Unis goes tailgating 4 Comments 17 December 2012

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Unis Middle School

Ways to make quick money 65 It’s that season again! Well, football of course. The Unis Aviator tailgating party, with food, drinks,and an outstanding fun football game. fans going wild, and the party was loud with a great DJ. Do students think the school should have more tailgating events like this one?

go here Mr. Betz, a gym teacher here at Unis actually played at the football game in this tailgating event. “It was very tiring, but I also really enjoyed it,” said Betz. “One of the best parts of the tailgating event was the involvement of the kids on both sides, Michigan State on one side and the University of Michigan on the other.

“I think the school should absolutely have more events like this, because this builds unity and teamwork for all students and staff here at Unis.”

Betz said that his favorite part of the game was his 40-yard touchdown to Mr. Bazzi. Mr. Betz is with Michigan State, because he said it represents this state better than any other.

Most students really enjoyed this event. Shahinaz Mahmoud, a 7th grader, also at Unis says, “These types of events do encourage me to have good behavior, because going to these events and hanging out with friends gives me a chance to interact with my other friends that I don’t see much.”

Shahinaz agreed that we should have more events like this to have a small break from writing in school.

Ayah Boussi, a 6th grader, said, “these occasions encourage me to have good behavior, because I don’t really like to get in trouble and the tailgate was fun and didn’t want to miss out.”

The tailgating was a fun way to experience something new and does encourage students to do better in school. Like Mr. Betz says, the involvement of the kids was a great part of the tailgating. The kids at the tailgate really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun! The bonus to this event even encourages students to have good behavior.

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  1. Fatima Jomaa says:

    Great Story!! i loved it!! Keep up the good work :D

  2. Issa Daher says:

    Great Story Ayatt Keep Up The Good Work :D :)
    Love This Story Read About Twice A Week :D

  3. Khalil Shuayto says:

    Great story Ayatt. Your story is Great

  4. Ali Farhat says:

    nice story i hope we have more tailgating and keep up the great work

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