Changes at Unis meet all kinds of reactions

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Assistant Principal Fady Soueidan likes the team at Unis.

By Tahani Smidi
Unis Middle School

Unis has changed a lot in the past few years. Not only do we have the Positive Behavior Intervention System, we have split lunches. How are these changes affecting Unis Middle School?

Assistant Principal Fady Soueidan worked at Unis Middle school two years ago and has come back. He said it “feels good to be back at Unis.

“I enjoy working with the Unis staff,” he said. Some changes Mr. Soueidan recognizes are that some things are different in classes, and there are no new staff members.

However, he expects change. “I expect my Unis Middle School students to bring our students’ achievement and see more reading and writing. I would like to bring my students and teachers closer together with their relationship.”

The Positive Behavior Intervention System has changed our school. Some students like it and some students don’t like it.

Ali Tarhini

Ali Tarhini said, “The PBIS policy is really good because it helps students pay attention so they don’t get into trouble.”

Adnan Ediy disagreed. “The PBIS policy isn’t the best thing the school has done because not all of us students need the focus cards, and the tardy cards.”

Mr. Soueidan said, “overall I like it and it is a good way to keep track of positive and negative behavior. It compares the years of how behavior has changed, and helps us stay more organized.”

Our lunch hours have not been good, it has changed since last year. On this, too, students are divided. Ali Tarhini said he does not like it because students can’t eat with their friends, there are no spots to eat and the line is too long. “We don’t even have time to eat,” he said.

Adnan Eidy

Adnan Eidy said that he doesn’t like it, either, because he doesn’t feel comfortable with other people and sitting with people he does not know. Both boys prefer last year’s lunch hour.

(This was an amazing experience to interview people and for the first time to publish something on the school website. I cannot wait to type up another story. Unis Making Changes is a story that tells you about our school.)

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  1. Fatima Jomaa says:

    Great Story Tahani!!

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    You’re a very good writer. This is a good story.

  3. Rangis M says:

    Great story Tahani.

  4. Alicia Johnson says:

    So proud of you Tahani! Your writing really impressed me. Keep up the great work!

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